• Triond earnings are notoriously low.

Normally I wouldn't knock Triond but recent research and issues concern me with their platform. As for the low earnings, you might think that it is solely based on my small number of articles posted there. True, I have just under 60 articles on Triond and yet my monthly earnings have only gone over $5 on one occasion. For as long as I've been at Triond I've always been paid, so I won't say that they don't pay. They just don't pay squat! Unless you crank out maybe 5 or 10 articles a day AND you are a SEO master and you work your butt off promoting your articles  AND you know and use every dirty trick in the book to increase  page views. If that is you, then by all means stick with Triond. As far as I'm concerned though earning $4 or less a month for over 50 articles is a disaster. These low earnings bring me to my next issue with Triond.

  • Triond Does Not Promote Your Work

A big part of the low earnings at Triond is a lack of promotion on the part of Triond its self. Articles are only promoted to other Triond users. Since Triond is not the most popular or reliable pool of information very, very few Triond writers will ever reach fame or fortune writing there. Which brings me to my next point.

  • Why is Triond Unpopular and Unreliable?

Triond will publish anything. And I do mean anything. I have literally read hundreds of posts that are merely a short series of broken sentences strung together. A lot of the community does not speak English and I imagine they use writing at Triond to practice. That is great for them, and I only have a problem with it because if you try to publish a few gems with piles of garbage the gems are bound to get buried. Now, I will say this, the Triond community is a very friendly group so it is not them I have a problem with it is Triond for publishing EVERYTHING!

  • The Last Triond Straw

Triond integrated with Google a while back and while it adds to earnings it also puts your Adsense account at risk. There seems to be a lot of invalid activity going on over at Triond. Writers have no way to track visitor's activity. Only Triond can do that and apparently they don't. Even when made aware of the issues. Another Adsense risk associated with Triond is the pornographic images with links to more pornographic articles and images that have begun appearing at the bottom of regular everyday articles.

Apparently at Triond if you're reading up on how to teach your kids to ride a bike, you might also enjoy a healthy dose of porn. Triond has been made aware of the images numerous times and has not yet fixed it or prevented it from occurring. I don't want my ads anywhere near anything that could get my Adsense account suspended. So for me anyway it's bye, bye Triond and hello, InfoBarrel. Hopefully I'll find a more promising environment here.