On September 17,2011, a protest movement began in New York, New York. It was called 'Occupy Wall Street', it's also known by the abbreviation OWS. The protest appeared to be masterminded by a website known as adbusters.org. If you read their website, you'll see that they describe themselves as 'culture jammers', whatever that means. One website promoting OWS claims that OWS is a leaderless movement. They talk about democracy, but they can't even elect a leader,through a democratic process called 'voting', that's one thing that made me skeptical about them. Suppose the OWS movement spread to Detroit, wouldn't it be a good idea for us to elect a local leader here in Detroit? Since I was born in Detroit, and I live in Detroit, people in Detroit should be able to vote for me, and if I get enough votes, I would become the local leader of OWS here in Detroit. But, there's no chance of that, since the OWS movement claims to be a leaderless movement. Since they are burdened with the pretense of being leaderless, they are already at a disadvantage. They cannot benefit from my leadership, and they cannot benefit from anyone else's leadership either, since they don't want a leader!

On July 15,2010 I wrote an article titled "Credit Unions Could Make Banks Obsolete". In that article, I said that if everyone in the country took their money out of their bank accounts, and put their money into credit unions, the big banks on Wall Street would shut down overnight. Does anyone listen to me? Apparently not. If you want to take power away from the banks, you should withdraw all your money from your bank account, and put it into a credit union. If everyone did that, then all the big banks in New York would close. I wrote that over a year ago, but apparently nobody was listening.

When you see photographs of the OWS protesters in New York, you see them carrying signs emblazoned with anti-corporate messages. Their signs don't carry any anti-Obama messages. I guess the OWS protesters are not concerned with Obama's human-rights record. Obama ordered the murder of an American citizen named Anwar Al-Awlaki. Mr. Al-Awlaki was born in the state of New Mexico, in the U.S.A. in 1971. Although Mr. Al-Awlaki had associated himself with a terrorist movement, he should still enjoy the rights that he is entitled to, as an American citizen, including the right to a trial by jury. Obama ordered the assasination of Al-Awlaki, without charging him with a crime. Al-Awlaki was killed in Yemen on September 30,2011 by American soldiers. At the time he was killed, he had not been charged with a crime, he had not been put on trial, and he had not been found guilty of any criminal wrong-doing. Obama made a speech after Al-Awlaki was killed, and bragged about it. It was clear that Obama was standing up for corporate interests that are trying to expolit Middle East oil. The OWS protesters ignored this.

Obama had also spoke out against the creation of a Palestinian state in the Middle East. A few weeks ago, Palestinian leaders went to the United Nations, and they tried to petition the United Nations for the creation of a Palestinian state. Obama immediately spoke up, and said he was against the creation of the Palestinian state. What about the OWS protesters? Are they also opposed to the creation of a Palestininan state? Obama is in favor of oil companies dominating the Middle East. Obama doesn't want a Palestinian state in the Middle East.  So, look at what Obama really stands for. Obama's in favor of killing people who haven't even been charged with a crime, and he's opposed to a Palestinian state! Why should OWS support Obama at this point? Can't they understand what Obama really stands for?

The OWS movement spread to dozens of cities and towns in the three weeks that passed after September 17. On October 14,2011, a Detroit branch of the OWS protest began here in Detroit. A group of OWS protesters gathered at the Spirit Of Detroit statue, and marched north up Woodward Avenue to Grand Circus park, and they said that they would 'occupy' Grand Circus park. There was a newspaper article about it in one of our local newspapers. The article had a photograph of a woman from San Francisco, and it said that people from as far away as San Francisco are coming here to Detroit to participate in the Detroit OWS protest. I wondered if anyone from San Franciso would have any real insight into Detroit, and the problems we have here in Detroit. If you're from San Francisco, and if you're coming here to Detroit for the fist time, I can give you a little background on our situation here in Detroit. The city of Detroit is the largest city in the state of Michigan, and the state of Michigan has a governor who needs to be recalled. There was an attempt to recall Governor Snyder a few months ago, but we didn't get enough signatures on the petitions, and so the recall effort failed. If the OWS is serious about protesting against corporate corruption here inDetroit, they should circulate a 'Recall Synder' petition, I am sure that they will get plenty of signatures if they do. Remember, Michigan is the only state in the U.S.A. that gives drug companies immunity from lawsuits. Suppose a doctor gives you a drug, and the drug makes you sick. In other states, you could sue the compnay that manufactured that drug, but not in Michigan. Michigan has a unique law, it's the only law of it's kind in the entire country, that makes it illegal to sue the maker of a drug for malpractice. Let's see if the OWS will say anything about that.