It’s a combination of issues that I’ve had to face repeatedly in my life. There were time when I couldn’t help but get the depressing feeling thinking, “I’m bored and lonely.” It happens to us all. Emotions are a complicated thing and sometimes even those living the lives we only dream of feel the exact way that we feel. Bored and lonely is a combination of emotions that really bring out the saddest part of yourself. It can be difficult to even find the motivation to do something that could make it better. It’s a set of emotions that encourage people to lose hope. But hope is there. In fact, it’s not all that hard once you get used to it. The dream solution to this problem is obvious. Find someone fun to do something with. It’s not always that easy to do. It can take a while to get schedules to even line up. Instead, the best way to get out of this combination is to get busy.

You need to get busy doing something. It can be absolutely anything that can get your mind out of being bored. Some people like cleaning up or writing. Getting relief from being bored and lonely is really that easy. Work hard at whatever you choose to do. Work hard enough that you don’t have time to be bored or lonely. It can be hard to get the motivation but do it. It will just get harder with time. As your mind starts to occupy itself with the work that you’re doing you’ll start to feel a little better. Keep it up.

After you get in a better mood. You have to work on making sure that you don’t get bored and lonely again. Call or contact some friends. Maybe you should go out and find some more friends. It’s often good to go places where you can keep busy on something while meeting new people. Being able to focus on something else keeps you from worrying too much about everyone else. Do you have a particular time or day that you usually feel bored and lonely? Make an appointment for those times. Plan ahead of time to be doing something fun and exciting with someone.

There are times in life when you’ll feel lonely and not be able to find anyone to be with. For those time just remember that everyone feels this way sometimes and there is someone out there who would love to be hanging out with you right now. Just worry about meeting them. If you can’t at that moment, then keep yourself busy until you can.

Sitting, moaning, and griping, “I’m bored and lonely” won’t help anyone. It’s an emotion that you can get out of with a decision. Think about the amount of your life you’re using not being happy and then decide. You can decide to never settle for being bored and lonely ever again.  Do it and the world will beat a path to your door to spend time with you and keep you busy. Don’t do it and the world will agree with you. You’ll stay bored and lonely. What do you want out of your life?