Some said “change is bad”; some said “change is part of nature.”

I am more inclined to agree with the latter.

You may ask, “If so, then why is it so easy to resist and so hard to change?”

Well, that’s part of human nature. We tends to seek certainty, structure, and patterns.

And when we don’t get what we expected, we get frustrated. We expect happiness and abundance; but reality is playing a different script. It could be a unrewarding financial situation, disappointing medical condition, unhappy relationships, unhealthy body... and the list goes on.

Some of us probably tried moving to a different city, change our phone numbers, complain to the wrong persons, or even change our Facebook profile pages... yet we are still frustrated. And the saying goes “the actors and scenes are different, but the context remains intact.”

Sounds familiar?

I am here to tell you that getting unstuck is possible.

But first let’s understand what stands between what we have and what we want?

Here’s a couple explanations:

Default Mode vs. Design Mode

The real reason that bridge the gaps between what we want and what we don’t is we have been living our life in default mode, instead of design mode. In other words, our conscious and subconscious messages are in conflict.

According to Dr. Robert Anthony, we inadvertently choose to give-in to limiting unconscious beliefs and unexamined habits to run our lives by default. There is nobody to blame as to why we choose to run on default mode because we were never taught anywhere by anyone.

And when we try to impose positive beliefs into our conscious mind, without first addressing the subconscious mind; we doomed ourselves into failure. Because the humongous polarity we are  creating generates conflicting energy that paralyses our will power.

As a result, nothing happens.

Out of Alignment with the Laws of Quantum Physics

The author of The Science of Deliberate Creation, Dr. Robert Anthony observed, from his 30 years of teaching personal development, reminds us that both positive and negatives thoughts attract their equivalent or vibrational match.

Everything in the universe is energy. When we focus on something with great intensity (strong emotions), we are initiating the creative process. Good thoughts attract good things; and bad thoughts attract bad things.

This quantum law is impersonal and amoral. It lacks the ability to filter a good or bad thought . It attracts to you what you focus on with strong emotions (happy or sad).

Having the right tools is very important. There are so many self-improvement programs out there, how to get through the paradox of choices?

Quite frankly, I was once a self-help junkie. I have to admit there is only a few whom I found to be true to their claims, and Dr. Robert Anthony is one of them.

I have personally used The Science of Deliberate Creation to help me improve my finances and relationships.

P.S. For Part II of this topic, I will show you steps-by-steps on how to get unstuck and improve your life.