Cheap Digital Transcription Services are available for your business or personal needs

There are several places you can find low cost digital transcription services, especially online.  Making sure you have the correct service to suit your business and personal needs is a must, and there are several companies who offer digital transcription service that you can compare with each other and choose the best match for your needs.

Where Can I Find Low Cost Digital Transcription Services Online?

Medical Transcription Services from Oracle Transcription, Inc- Oracle Transcription, Inc.,  is an ideal medical transcription company  which originates in the U.S.A.  Medical Transcription Services from Oracle Transcription Inc., has  more that two decades of experience in this field of digital transcription. Their excellent medical transcription and dictation services have always been implemented and successful in all types of customers both from the private sector and community or national medical practice groups to much considerably large hospitals.

To your advantage they are on a continuous basis dealing  with the evolving technologies in a very easy way by making an highly effective use of the latest medical transcription services as well as products that are available. This  therefore leads to a much simpler  job for you.  They provide excellent work in that their speed is enhanced and the errors they make minimised by a large margin.

These Transcriptionists will give you several choices for the modern digital dictation that ranges from the toll free numbers as well as portable digital recorders to the dictation systems which are based on PCs  or even voice over internet method. In addition  to this, these Transcriptionists make use of the most recent and internet based medical transcription services  and in this case they can interface with almost all the associated computer software systems.

For ultimate security, all the files which are transferred are encrypted under HIPAA protocols which ensures that there exists a secure and most private transfer of data right between their transcriptionists and the client offices. These transcriptionists can be said to be excellent service customer service oriented medical transcription company who  offers all day all week access to a live person. So as to improve on the reliability in delivery of their services, these transcriptionists have made an hire of only the best experienced and most trained medical transcriptionists from across the United States. In your services, you will realize that Oracle Transcription, Inc. has the ability to save you time and money, increase your revenues, eliminate many of the staffing requirements and improve the flow of electronic medical records.

The Medical Transcription Company- The Medical Transcription Company was established more that a decade ago. The Medical Transcription Company over the years has been growing  steadily, a fact that has seen them become one of the leading medical transcription companies in America. Right now they have a team of 87 transcriptionists, a pool of 34 editors and experienced technical team that will deal with all client queries or complaints.

Their many years of  experience combined with their skilled transcriptionists as well as advanced technology offered them the ability to process for you a highly cost effective and best quality medical transcription that is of great value for the single doctors, all types of clinics, wide range of practices and all sizes of hospitals. For immediate and professional service, most of their doctors have  full day access to their secure web based system which consequently enables a quick , secure, highly efficient and very confidential transfer of the voice files plus data-this leads to provision of a world class service level that has a high level of flexibility and best confidentiality.

For a long time, the doctors throughout America have been enjoying  the accrued benefits of their personal, cost effective and quality orientated medical processing HIPAA Medical Transcription Services. To give adequate service to you, this  Medical Transcription Company has effectively tailored its service in order to to enable their doctors benefit largely from emerging  developments the field and career of digital dictation, the doctors usually use one of two options; either through telephone using the Toll Free number or but it has been discovered that most of the doctors give preference to the handheld digital voice recorder due to its high flexibility and mobility.

The Dictation Source-When choosing Dictation Source for your medical  transcription services provision, you get an assurance of personalised service. To your advantage and for professional working relationship, it is their policy to get to know most of the personnel in  your organization, this means that a large number of the people in  your staff  will have an advantage of knowing who will be carrying out the transcription services by name. Most of the already served clients will testify that what the Dictation Source does best is provision of an unsurpassed level of professional service. Dictation Source is owned and operated by various Registered Nurses that hold an extensive record and experience in clinical and management. As nurses, they understand the efficacy of giving you accurate and timely communication in relation to patient care and document management. Because of that knowledge they have designed their services to use the most current technology available in the field, you will get major benefits in that they will give you an assurance of uncompromising security and unconditional accuracy.

The Dictation Source is a fully registered medical transcription company which caters to Single and multi-specialty physician practices, Outpatient clinics, Surgery centers, Small hospitals, and Other specialty clinical services. So as to adequately assist the potential clients in making a decision on which transcription service best suits their needs, the help their potential clients with the following:

  • The Dictation Source has limited their marketing and client acquisition processes so that they have an assurance that they are able to offer the best service level of service to the clients we serve. The company is not so large to lose sight of the most important matters to their clients: fast, accurate, cost effective service.
  • The Dictation Source has the tendency to maintain a tight control of their daily work flow which therefore gives a guarantee to their clients of timely and high quality product.
  • To keep secrecy and protect your valued privacy, they  do not outsource their work. All the work is done within the company.
  • They are a company that is fully owned and run by the owners, and it is the owners' responsibility to deliver for you high quality service.

Medical Transcription Services Company –This is a US-based medical transcription company which  offers strict HIPAA medical transcription services to all willing healthcare providers.

 Before you choose any company to do your digital transcription, make sure you investigate them thoroughly and come to an educated conclusion based on the information you gather from their website, references and complaints as well as speaking to the company directly.