Search engine optimization is getting more and more popular with each passing day now. While some people still don't even know what SEO means, there are others who are very interested in it and take their time to make their website more search engine friendly. The truth is that every online business needs to be optimized so that potential customers can find it more easily.

You probably know how important text information is, especially for search engines. Of course that doesn't mean that your website should contain only text information. There is nothing wrong with putting some images on every page. This has two advantages:

  1. People will find your website more attractive. Plain text can be very boring and can make any information hard to read. Images definitely make things easier and more beautiful, so take advantage of them.
  2. Images are also useful for the search engines. They are not a complete waste of time from an SEO point of view as some people might think.

Now for that second advantage: Just because search engines can't actually "see" what the image represents, doesn't mean they can't find out. Keep on reading to see exactly how they can do that.

  • The first method search engines use, to find out what the images on your website show, is through the alt text. Some website editing programs will ask you to put an alt text for your images when you add them. You can also do that from the source code of your website. The alt text is basically a description of a certain image. It is recommended that you put about 135 characters as a description for your image. That way search engines, can easily find out what every image represents which will make your website better optimized.
  • The second thing you need to consider is the name of each image file. If you put a descriptive name of each image, search engines will take it into consideration. This is also a very important thing to do when it comes to image SEO. The more descriptive the name is, the better.
  • One more thing you should consider when adding images on your website – the text around each image. Yes, search engines are trying to find out what each image represents so they are using any information they can get. They assume that the text around the image should be about the image itself and therefore it is a description. Keep that in mind and try to really write a description around every picture.

These are most, if not all, of the things that the search engines are looking for when they have to deal with an image. Since there is no other way for them to find out what the picture displays, they are looking for other sources like the alt text, the name of the file and the text around it. Take some time to work on all of these things for every image on your site and pretty soon you will find what are the true benefits of image SEO.