Before attempting to understand the imagination process make sure you can stand under the process of illusions. Your natural perception of everything around you is 360 degrees. If you want to become ambidextrous in the art of creating illusions your best bet is to consistently be aware of all 5 senses. In order to become an expert in the field of imagination it is essential to remember the process of memory creation. The world needs more Scribes for Subscribers.Are You Looking Up or DownCredit:

Natural Perception of 360 Degrees

     There are 2 shapes that represent 360 degrees in a unique way. Those two shapes are circles and squares. Now imagine these same shapes on a 3D scale. Squares fit in circles easily just as good as circles fit inside of squares. Even though these shapes might not have a conscious and unconscious we make these shapes possible by remembering these shapes as probable.  

Creating Illusions

     Currently the most recognizable illusions are Optical (Sighting), followed by Auditory (Listening), Tactile Illusions (Touching) and the other senses including Smell and Taste. By far these are currently the most intricate devices to grab attention immediately. Many people love illusions even though it provides an intuitive feeling of delusion and self-deception. If you enjoy watching illusions in action feel free to visit the YouTube Channel by “BrusspUp,” where different artists upload their own special illusions such as “Amazing Pendulum Effect,” and “Incredible Shade Illusion.”First IllusionCredit:

     The first known illusion even though no one is credited for doing it first is the ability to write with both hands. Here is a cool fun fact some cultures used to believe writing with the left hand was a bad omen, later on it was understood to be superstitions but some cultures still respect that idea.  

Memory Creation Process

     Memory is the act of recalling facts, fiction, or anything within the time frame of past, present and future. In Psychology the idea of memory is identified with the unconscious part of the brain but many other psychologists such as Carl Jung have different opinions on this subject matter. Nonetheless the power of the mind is to recognize, recall and even try to forget impressions. Memory can sometimes resemble illusions but that is only relative to the individual formulating that thought. For example, both the left and right hemisphere of the brain has different perceptions one being analytical and the other being logical.

     This is one of the many reasons why it takes a few seconds to even a minute to remember or forget. 

Amazing Pendulum Wave