Let’s face it.   Having friends cost money

There are birthdays, Christmas and other parties.   Going out to lunch or getting together to watch a ball games usually involves spending cash.   

These activities are all fun and the festive nature of the events takes our minds off the expenses we may incur. We reasoned that one cannot put a price on the value of friendship.   

This is just fine during times of economic prosperity.    But when our economy took a downturn, many people were forced to find ways to save money.   Vacation plans were cut back or canceled completely.   Large purchases such as new vehicles and major appliances were postponed.   People began to shop discount stores rather than the more expensive retailers.     While these actions helped many individuals reduce their expenses and weather the economic recession, there is one particular action many people may have overlooked but can save a surprising amount of money.

That idea is having imaginary friends.

Young children have had imaginary playmates for generations.    These phantom companions gave joy and comfort to children when other human interaction was not available.    Many adults can recall fond memories of their imaginary childhood friends.

While economics were not considered by children who created imaginary friends, having such companions can be of great financial benefit to adults.  One can enjoys all the activities they formerly did with actual human friends but without the additional spending.

Going to the movies?    Be a generous person and treat for the tickets and popcorn.   After the movie, make a night of it.    Go to a local bar for a few rounds of drinks or a diner for coffee and dessert.    Talk about the movie.  Tell an amusing story about something that happened at work.   Laugh out loud.   Chances are no one will bother you.   In fact, by sitting there by yourself and having   conversation with an imaginary person, people may purposely avoid any sort of interaction with you.   The manager may even pick up your tab just to get you out of the place.  This saves you even more money.

Christmas shopping for imaginary friends can be great fun and relatively cost-free as you are buying imaginary gifts.    You can enjoy the festive holiday atmosphere of the stores without worrying about catching a sale on a certain item.    In fact, you may say money is no object, because you just pretending to buy gifts.    There is no waiting in long checkout lines as imaginary gifts do not have to be paid for.   Having imaginary friends can help you enjoy the holiday season without emptying your wallet or raising the balance on your credit card.   

Having imaginary friends can bring tranquility to your life.   You can always select what movie to see or where to eat out without someone complaining about your choice of restaurant.

 You can express your opinions about any controversial topic without having an argument.   Imaginary friends will never criticize how you drive.    They will love your pets as much as you do.   They are also fun and always agree with anything you say or do.   


Imaginary friends offer the most ideal companionship and are great to be around.      And in consideration of the tough economic times we face, they can help save money with sacrificing fun.

 What more can you ask for.