What is Imikimi?

Imikimi Photo Fun Creations is much more than just online image sharing. This is a community of creative people who want to inspire and get inspired. The software to be simple to use and super fun. You can get started today and create your very own personalized Kimi, or start a collection!

Imikimi allows you to create a Kimi, share it with other Imikimi members, and browse the Imikimi galleries. You can use it to share images with your friends and send them personalized online greeting cards and messages. Imikimi could mean that you can make super simple digital scrapbooks. There really is no limitation to how you can use it for your creative projects.

On the website blog, you can also see some showcases of the best talent encounter in the online artistic community. The team regularly feature outstanding artists’ creations. There are origami masters, picture-frame recyclers, and ink artists among our resident features. You’ll find great tips for DIY crafts and inspiration for your next project.

Imikimi Photo Fun Creations

How to create an Imikimi account.

Creating an account is very simple. At imikimi.com, you will see a bar at the top of the page which has options for Login and Sign Up. If you are a first time user, you should fill out the basic info for the Sign Up option. The website also gives you the ability to sign with Facebook, so you can share all of your wonderful creations and inspirations. Think of this as another great opportunity to send messages to your friends and share your photos.

How do I download Imikimi?

Simple. Once you’ve signed up, you will be prompted to download the plugin. Just follow the directions there. If there is no prompt, check out the direct link for the plugin download here.

Imikimi Creations Tutorial

How To Download the Plugin and Use It

How to make Imikimi pictures.

Once you’ve downloaded the plug-in, you’re ready to start creating your Kimi pictures. This is a fun and simple tool for digital image editing, without the fuss of programs like Photoshop. You can add text, frames, and adjust the opacity of your layered objects. The layout is very straightforward with easy to access toolboxes and options.

You will find two important buttons in your toolbox: Add Photo and Add Text.  To get started, you will obviously have to upload your image. From there, you can start cropping, resizing, and accessorizing your picture.

Cropping: It's very simple with several options available for you. You can use the basic crop tool for rectangular framed cuts. The freehand crop will let you use your mouse or pen-pad to draw your own crop outline. For more precise cropping, use the magnetic point cropping tool. Use the Crop tool when you want to layer one image onto another.

Shapes: You can drag and drop circles, rectangles and polygons onto your canvas, and change the properties for each one. Colors can solid fills or gradients. If you don’t find a shape you’re looking for, you can edit the shape’s outline using point manipulation.

Text: Use the Add Text button to add layers of text to your Kimi. You can choose from a variety of fun fonts and text sizes to create the biggest impact.

Imikimi Photos Fun

If you’re looking for inspiration, or just want to share your finished project, Imikimi Photo Fun has many galleries to browse for fellow artists’ creations. In fact, if you visit Help Kimis sections, you will find great graphic tutorials created by Imikimi users for many of our program tools.

Other Kimis you will find in our galleries are creative works by fellow Imikimi members. These could be messages for friends, framed portraits, or silly image-manipulations.

Imikimi Creations Tutorial

Making Customizable Kimis

Imikimi Creations Layout

The site is easy to navigate. Home page has links to the Imikimi Creations blog, Help articles, Galleries, and Frames for your images. Once you log in, you can start making your Kimi. All of the necessary tools are in your toolbox, including colour settings, text, images, and frames.

If you need to modify something on your canvas, all you have to do is select the image and Edit the options. This is how you can get shapes that aren’t immediately available in our toolboxes.

Imikimi Photo Fun Creations Login

Once you’ve registered an account with us, login with your username or Facebook. It is a fun way to share photos and updates on Facebook.

Imikimi Lite

Imikimi Lite is the Imikimi plugin for computers that cannot support the full Imikimi download. Our supported browsers are Internet Explorer 8 and 9, Firefox, Safari (on Macs), and Opera.