Emu Boots

Imitation Ugg Boots can mean different things to different people.

They can mean 'fake' Ugg boots, that look the same as the original Ugg boots and bear the 'Ugg Boot' brand name and label, but are of shoddy quality and break all manner of copyright laws.

They can mean other, reputable brands of the same style of 'fashion Uggs' or shearling winter boots, such as Emu or BearPaw.

They can mean a cheap, non-label alternative to the more expensive real thing.

Previously, the name 'Ugg' was be a generic term for the style of the chunky shearling boots, before Deckers, who owns the Ugg name, took the term and turned it into a brand name. (Ugg is Australian slang for 'Ugly'). Emu boots were technically on the market before Uggs, so are they technically 'Ugg imitators'? It's a matter of personal opinion.

While nobody should be advocating the buying of fake Ugg boots, which bear the brand label, there's nothing wrong with either brand name alternatives such as Emu or no-brand Ugg-style boots. Sure, in the case of the no-brand boots, the quality probably won't stand up to much and they will most likely be worn out by the end of winter, for people who do not want to spend the huge amount of money that Ugg Boots cost, and if you're happy to compromise, then why not?

If you don't fancy a trip to the Ugg store, I personally love Emu boots. They cost mid way between the premium Uggs and the no-label generic boots, but I actually prefer mine to my genuine Ugg Boots.

Where to buy imitation Ugg Boots:

Many shoe retailers and large stores such as Target have their own versions of imitation womens Ugg boots on sale, so it's worth looking around locally to see what's on offer.

You can also find imitation womens Uggs and childrens Uggs on sale in local outdoor markets.

Online, you can find some great deals on retailers such as Amazon and then there are many imitation Ugg retailers online too. Search Google for 'imitation Ugg' and you'll be amazed with how many results you can find.

Buy Emu, Bearpaw or other genuine Ugg style boots from reputable retailers, or you may just find yourself with fake imitations – fakes are not just limited to Uggs!

Or, you can forget about the imitators, save your money up and buy the real Ugg Boots Australia. Sure, they are more expensive, but buying genuine Ugg Boots from a reputable online shoe shopping site will mean you have a pair that last for years, rather than weeks or months.

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