The best cooks have the right tools for the job, and a person who enjoys presenting delicious tasting dishes to the table will have at least one immersion blender within reach of the stove. These easy to use kitchen accessories are lightweight and easy to clean, and soon can become a favorite tool for many repetitive tasks in prep and cooking.

Also called a stick blender, these small hand held mixers are time saving devices as they can be used right in the pan as the food is cooking. Mini wand mixers can whip up a refreshing milk shake right in the glass. A submersible model with whisk can also be used right in the pan to gently stir sauces so that all of the ingredients are mixed to perfection and lumps don't for while them are cooking on the stove.

Immersion Blender

Don't worry about scratching an expensive pan when using the practical hand-blender. A scratch guard will allow you to address your needs even when you are using non stick cookware so that you can capture the flavors from the pan and still serve a lump free gravy with the drippings of your prepared meat.

The mixers are available in varying speeds, strengths and colors, so you can get one to fit your every need and identify them by color. For instance, when you open your drawer, you can easily pick up your brown wand to chop nuts or vegetables or a red cordless one to whip up a delicious herbal butter. You can even find stainless steel models that will match your kitchen appliances.

When you find a set of hand wands on sale, pick up several and use them as gifts. You can find many uses for the handheld battery powered immersion blenders both in and out of the kitchen, including soap making! (There are submersion mixer dedicated to soap making).

Whether you want to chop or blend, prepare your own baby food or make a smoothie, there is a lightweight, portable wand for you. You can purchase an electric model or rechargeable battery operated wand. They range in power from the single speed appliance you can pick up on the cheap to professional, industrial hand held emulsion models that can handle heavy duty commercial needs.

Some cooks prefer to have appliances that are multi-functional. A 3 in 1 immersion blender can act as a food processor, blender or whisk, eliminating the need to purchase a heavy duty chopper as well as the lightweight mixer models.