Immigration is a huge topic in the United States of America and everyone has different opinions about it. Some people have negative opinions and others have positive and happy opinions about it. People mostly think it's a problem in today's life and for the most part, it is.

Everyday there is more news, more opinions, and more articles that come out each day dealing with immigration. This is an especially big topic down south and by the borders, where it's all posing a problem. Almost every pieces of news is usually bad, and this is the reason why everyone thinks it's a problem.

Immigration is both good and bad in many people's opinions. The reason why it is bad is because there are so many people smuggling drugs and guns around the borders. Between the gangs and drugs, going on, illegal immigration is a big problem. You can't know who you can trust and who is carrying weapons or drugs. Arizona is a state that is especially cracking down on this problem.

Illegal immigration is a major problem in Arizona. More than half of the immigrants living in this state are illegal. Illegal immigrants in this state have a big problem with both drugs and gangs. Arizona is currently trying to pass a state bill, in which police can arrest any immigrant who doesn't show their papers. This bill is going through Congress right now and hopefully it is passed.

Not all of the immigration is a huge problem. There are some immigrants that I feel are good people and are just looking to get through each day. Without immigration, the U.S. wouldn't be what it is today. Whether it's culture sharing, languages, technology and more, everything would be different. However, because of immigrants, the United States is very unique when it is compared to other countries.

The main problem with the topic of immigration is the amount of so many of them being illegal. Although it is hard to stop illegal immigration, together we can think of ways and ideas to cut down on it. Without illegal immigration, immigration will be a better topic, and make our country better.