Immigration Attorneys and their Roles

Legal issues involving immigration are not a new problem, but there is a larger need than ever before for immigration attorneys. The recent hot topic of immigration reform has created a new drive for the use of immigration lawyers. Though it began long before last year, December 15, 2009 was a pivotal date with the surging headlines on immigration reform (HR 4321 introduced by Congressman Gutierrez of Illinois). The Reform Act focused on several key issues: Increasing border patrols, clarifying the federal government's role in enforcement, empower the courts to make decisions involving immigration, create a plan for temporary, conditional non-immigrant status and visa reforms.

The role of an immigration lawyer

Immigration attorneys can be used to resolve dozens of problems that arise with immigration, but some are more prevalent than others. They can provide assistance with visa issues. The process of reapplying for a visa into the United States can be a long and arduous task. Hiring an immigration attorney can expedite the process and make it happen. With stricter guidelines being proposed, the already complicated task of applying for citizenship will not become any easier. Immigration lawyers can assist with this daunting task and make it much less complex.

Key reasons for denial

A criminal record in the United States does not disqualify an individual from citizenship, but without the help of an immigration attorney, this process may result in deportation.

Prior deportation can be a reason to acquire an immigration lawyer. Immigration attorneys know the deportation issues that can be rebutted, but an individual doesn't stand much of a chance on his/her own.

Health can be an issue, but not knowing which specific health issues or diseases may result in deportment for the wrong reason. Immigration attorneys can prevent this by researching the information on health issues and assuring that an individual will be given fair treatment.

Oftentimes, visas will take much longer than expected. If there is an employment opportunity, then time is certainly a factor. Immigration attorneys can assist in obtaining a visa in a timely manner so the wait doesn't interfere with the contracted employment.

With stricter reforms on the horizon and brewing issues pertaining to immigration resounding across the nation, the resources and services of immigration attorneys will become more important in the future. Important matters such as health, family and finances can be good reasons to hire an immigration attorney. Though it may come with a fee, the results will be desirable.