There are hundreds of thousands of students who are studying in the US universities. These students are the brains of their countries that are attracted by the US higher educational system. graduatesThese students study in the US universities for four to six years to complete their education. After their studies they have one year of employment authorization. In the last decade of last century these students used to get jobs easily in the companies. The companies gave these students employment because they knew that there is a path which will make these new employees US citizens in few years.

Path to Employment

The path was simple during the one year of employment the company will file for H1B visa for the companiesemployee. The H1B visa was issued for three years. After the completion of three years H1B visa could be extended for another three years. During the six years the company will apply for the green card which is permanent resident of the US. The main difference between a green card holder and citizen is the right to vote. Only the US citizens can vote in an election. A person has be a permanent resident for four years and nine months before they can apply for the citizenship of the US.

Benefit for Companies

The benefit for the companies was the employee will remain with the company for the duration of the process. Legally a person who is on H1B can change employment and a lot of them do change employers. The issue is that the new employer has to first apply for the H1B visa before the change in employment will take effect. The other major issue is that the green card process takes a long time and once this process starts the employee needs to stay at the same company.

Benefits for Students

The benefit for the employee was to become the permanent of the US. Because of the political reasonscallcenterthe immigration debate does not start in Washington. The net effect of this is that these bright young students are getting the benefits of the education of US and once they are ready to contribute we send them packing. These students go back to their countries and taking the jobs with them. The outsourcing started when the US companies found competent US educated people in countries like India. These people were studied in the US and knew how to work for UScallcenterUScompanies. They started small companies and started taking projects. Once the business sector figuredout the outsourcing marked that jumped in the field. With the vast knowledge of international business these new entrants created huge outsourcing houses. The native talent was cultivated and more and more jobs started going abroad. Now the situation is that the Capitol Hill is still dead locked, more jobs are going abroad, and the native US students are afraid to enter into the science and technology fields.



The US companies needs talented people for research and development of new products. If they don't find people here in the US they will go to the talent. In very near future there would be more developers in India working for the US companies than developers in US. It is high time our leaders in Washington realize that we need to act now, waiting is not an option.