Look Great

And Feel Great!

What's the point of looking great if you can't feel great? We've all seen what society wants us to be and it's almost stomach turning to see the examples. The models with such skinny physiques that have absolutely no fat which is great but where is the muscle or at least the "toning"?

We've gone into the days where girls are pressured to lose so much weight that you can count every rib. We no longer can accept who we are and we are obsessed with the perfect image that our health begins to weaken with the false beliefs of dieting and exercise. I am a true believer of hope and it's never too late to boost your health to where it deserves to be.

Get Your Immune System In Check

The quality of your life is as important as ever and with all these new viruses and diseases coming out of no where, we need to really improve our immune defense to protect us against such risks.

Enough is enough, no more myths or lies and I will clear them out with straight facts and answers. There is no magic pill and we can't just make more drugs to make our bodies work.

We need to find the root of the problem and trying to make drugs will just make it a cycle of more and more chemicals and unnatural ingredients in our bodies. This doesn't make it an excuse to stop taking your medicine but it is a wake up call that we need to watch our lifestyle and diet or it'll slowly get worse and worse.


What exactly should you do? You don't know how to improve your health or you didn't even know that your health could be a better state then it is now.

You can start by step one: build a defensive immune system. You can't defend yourself from these viruses and germs if you do not have a strong immune system.

In this article, I will show you 5 ways to boost your immune system right away.

What You Should Do

And Do It Now!

Live, Smile, Laugh


With all the stress that our live's bring, it's only natural to think negative and not postive. By thinking negative, you will create a stressful, black and white way of living. Stress is known to weaken your immune system. You need to think postive and with our hetic jobs and busy lifestyles I do understand how hard it can be. Find a passion that you like doing, you might hate your job but you can always look forward to your passion or hobby that you have waiting for you on your free time.

yeaYour Diet:

With thinking postive as the most important thing you should have, the next step is your diet.


Head down to the grocery store what are you going to find? Sure you'll find a similar diet that our strong ancestors had a thousand years ago: fruits vegetables meat and grains. As you walk down, you'll be passing by a whole new world of food. Like pop tarts, candies, powdered juices, white sugar. None of these examples were ever in our diet for the time we've been on earth only until about 100 or more years ago.

I don't know who blames fast food for the overweight epidemic that we've faced but with these junk foods that are ready to be eaten and packaged for our convience i don't think a McDonalds burger will do any harm as much as over eating junk food. You should be more concerned with getting your vegetables, fruits and a good source of protein and carbohydrates than to eating junk food and trying to count calories.


500 calorie egg salad with pure nutrients is more healthy than a 500 calorie bowl of buttered popcorn. With a good diet that your body is designed to have, you'll be building a strong defense system in no time. Keep a diet rich of mother nature: eggs, salads, unrefined sugars and fruits. Go for different colors of fruits and vegetables to help from all its nutrients and vitamins.

Also for something better than most supplements, go for broccoli! 8 servings of this super vegetable will keep your immune system performing at it's best.



Studies show that exercise temporary increases the strength of your immune system, killing off the common colds 4 times more than someone who doesn't exercise. It's also a good way to kill off any of the stress you have in you. It also releases endorphins which in return will help you feel more positive and happy about yourself. So don't waste your time, get pumping' before your sneezes get thumping'!



Wash your hands!

We all know you went to the bathroom without washing your hands. Gross! No matter what you do in the bathroom, you should always wash your hands. Soaps are designed to kill the bacteria off your hands that may weaken your immune system. By washing your hands, you're sure to wipe out all the germs that might spread. You also may have touched or containmented your self with germs that you may come accross in your everyday life.


Get Your Vitamin E:

Again this has to do with diet, but if you don't have enough vitamin E in your diet than you will not get the great benefits that this antioxidant has to offer. This vitamin will reduce the risk of cold and flu by as much as 20%! It's also shown to be great for your skin, keeping you healthy looking while beating the looks of aging.

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Use What You Learned

Nothing in this article is new, it's always been the basics but with the year turning into 2014 soon, all the foods that big companies are producing are going to be causing more health problems than ever. If we keep it natural, and we stay away from artificial ingredients and flavors, then we can prolong our living and ensure that the quality of our life stays strong.

Our ancestors may have not had the technology of today but they had a diet that had many benefits and we've seen that their bones and bodies were a lot stronger and healthier then people today. Do not depend on packaged foods, keep going for mother nature and avoid the tricks that many face today.

Let's get strong together!