Impact activated foam air targets can be truly considered as one of the wisest features of air soft. It does not only provide an easy scoring method but it also serves as a very good safety material.

The Game: Air Soft

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Air soft is considered to be a new sport and hobby as well wherein the players have to hit the opponent with ball-shaped air soft pellets from gun-like weapons like impact activated foam air targets. The weapons they use actually resemble different firearms used in the real battle field. This is widely played by men, or even groups of people regardless of gender who would really like a simulation of a battle or war. It aims to promote cooperation and team work as well as strategy development in order to win the game

Air soft is really a fun game which can be enjoyed by friends most especially. It is maintained to be a safe game as the pellets used will not even hurt the player because it is made of player-friendly material. Aside from that, the fact that the body armor is made of foam makes the contact between the pellet and the skin really impossible thus preventing any experiences of pain.

Innovating Air Soft With Impact Activated Foam Targets

There are actually a lot of new features to this kind of field combat systems especially air soft. For scoring to be made easy and game play to become more exciting, innovations like impact activated air soft targets are now added. These features use unique types of technology which makes gaming easier.

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With the impact activated foam air soft targets, the body armor for the players are lined with foam targets which are truly sensitive for any kind of impact especially hits made by opponents. This can make scoring easy as these targets are like equipped with built-in sensors that will indicate if a player is hit anywhere in the body or not. This added feature makes the armor intelligent in a way that it can easily sense hits on it being electronic.

Impact activated foam targets are really beneficial in making air soft a fast-paced adventure packed game. This can even be applied not only in air soft but also in any other type of simulation and battlefield inspired games involving physical contact. It also ensures that accurate scores are made throughout the entire game. Sensors, being sensitive to a certain degree of pressure or impact, will be the standard or the judge to award a team with a score or not. Imagine if there is no sensor and it will have to be done manually. It will definitely be very difficult and confusing of the part of the scorer and scoring will be subjective by then.

Impact Activated Foam Targets: How They Can Be Good For You

Impact activated foam air soft targets has a lot of benefits to the players as well. Aside from its main benefit of the ease of scoring, it also provides much of the safety that every player deserves. Being it made up of foam, it will really not be hard enough for player to cover whenever a pellet hits the body.

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Foam is soft and can provide a good barrier against the pellets used in air soft. It is a good material to be used as armor in air soft as it is not does not store heat that much therefore it is comfortable to be used as a cover for the body. If you try to observe the characteristic of foams, it has small holes built within it. The holes will allow easy movement of air through the material making it very comfortable so you can allow your body to be covered with it.

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Aside from this, foam is also a light material. It does not cause excess weight when you wear your body armors filled with it because it is not heavy. This can be beneficial because it will not affect your speed throughout your game and you can easily and quickly run from one place to another without the difficulty of carrying heavy body armor. As you may have known, body armors can be very heavy at times and truly impair your speed in playing the game. Use of foams in body armors can be considered a breakthrough in these types of gaming.

Promoting Safety in Gaming

Of course, who would want to play a game that is not safe at all? Foams target facilitate much of the safety of air soft gaming. It ensures that every player is well protected through the body armor and is truly one innovation in game scoring. Could you imagine if impact activated foam targets are not used in air soft and you have to consider a manual method of scoring? It would result to difficulty in scoring and attaining inaccurate scores. This can even lead to small fights between the teams due to the said subjective inaccurate scoring if air soft does not have impact activated sensor targets.


Impact activated foam air soft targets are truly one of the most amazing breakthroughs in the field of gaming specifically in air soft. It is proven to be an intelligent tool as it facilitates accurate scoring. It is also considered as a player-friendly tool because it helps in maintaining safety during the entire game because of the material that it is made. It is a wise choice to use foam as a material to be used as a body armor in air soft.

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Impact activated foam targets are very beneficial for air soft because it allows more and more players to be interested in the game as well. Safety and fun packed into one game such as air soft is made possible through these innovations. This is why air soft turns out to be one of highly recommendable games for groups of people usually friends and families who want to have an adventure-packed yet fun activity. With impact activated foam air soft target, gaming can be definitely enjoyed in the safest and most organized way possible.