An Impacted Colon Can Be a Serios Health Issue - Discover How to Avoid One

Our sedentary lifestyles are among the biggest impediments to our good health, simply because we do not exercise as much as we should. If you experience the symptoms of an impacted colon, lack of exercise may also be the primary reason for your suffering.  In simple terms, an impacted colon is often caused by fecal matters (undigested food) that are supposed to pass normally from our bowels.  For one reason or another, this natural process is obstructed, and there is a blockage inside our rectum.  Depending our where you live, you may have also seen this in dogs as well. But, hardened fecal matter may not be the only reason for a blockage in your rectum.

In addition to fecal impaction, an impacted colon may also be the result of obstruction from a tumor or nerve damage which results in significantly reduced muscle movements which normally precedes a bowel movement.  The fancy term for this muscle movement is peristalsis.   You may have experienced slight to moderately painful constipation in the past.  If this is the case, you are not alone.  Many people suffer from this problem which can be caused by lack of fluids in your colon, lack of physical movements due to surgery or other illnesses, and side-effects of other medications you may be taking.

How to Prevent Impacted Colon

As you get older, you need more activities and a change in diet. If you are over 40 years old, you just cannot get away with the stuff you did when you were 21 years old, as our body just won’t let you.  This applies not just to your diet, but to other lifestyle habits as well.  Here then, are 5 tips to help you avoid or manage an impacted colon. 

Tip # 1:  Drink at least Two Quarts of Water Each Day

If you start to practice this habit of proper hydration, it will definitely help you to avoid the nasty experience of an impacted colon. It will also result in your need to visit the rest room more often as you will definitely urinate much more.  However, you should definitely work this habit into your daily routine.  Drinking more water will lubricate and help your system to stay regular and has the added benefit of regulating your body temperature as well.

Tip # 2: Reduce Starches and Meats in your diet to Avoid Getting an Impacted Colon

If you are already constipated, or you are experiencing problems passing your stool, you should avoid or at least reduce your intake of starches and meat. Beef and pork are two of the biggest culprits here. As you can  well understand, these meats slow down the digestive system.  Additionally, potatoes, and fast foods like burgers and pizza are not very helpful in this area.  To help your digestive system heal and flow naturally, you are better off eating fruits and vegetables, along with natural juices and water.  This change in diet will ease your impacted colon and make it easier to go out again.

Tip # 3:  Eat Your Meals at Regular Intervals to Encourage Regular Bowel Movements


By creating and maintaining a specific meal time, you will encourage your body rhythm which will help to regulate your bowel movements. It is uncanny how a simple exercise such as this can help your body regulate itself and create a healthier bowel.  Did you know for example, that you can encourage yourself to have a bowel movement simply by sitting on the toilet seat for ten to fifteen minutes?  You can.  Try it some time.

Tip # 4:  Find a Place to Squat Daily for a Bowel Movement

You can avoid impacted bowels by making sure you have a bowel movement every day. If you do not have one of these for three to five days, you are already constipated.  One way to encourage your body to respond positively to this need, as indicated in tip number three, is to sit on the toilet for ten minutes to encourage your system to respond.

The emphasis of this tip however, is on the squatting.  You should squat on your toilet seat, instead of sitting like everybody else. This forces you to have an upright gait while passing your stool, which helps your bowel movement. You may be interested to know also, that there are devices available today that you can use to retrofit your toilet seat to accommodate this special squatting posture when you go out.

Tip # 5: Memorize the List of Foods that Cause constipation

Now, it is difficult to discourage most people from eating certain foods, even though these foods are known to cause constipation.  In fact, many of our constipation problems are caused by our diet more than other factors. Nevertheless, if you know the foods that cause constipation, then you will become more prepared to avoid getting an impacted colon, which is most often the result of severe constipation.  These foods are breads, pasta, pizza, milk, cakes, pies, cookies, fried foods, and cheese.

I will encourage you to reduce your intake of these foods so that you can encourage regular bowel movements and completely avoid the dreaded impacted bowels.