Your ears run like a well oiled machine, they hear all the sounds, they filter out debris but sometimes you can get impacted ear wax. There are many causes for this, but quite often it can be cause by our own grooming routines.

If you us Q-tips to clean your outer ear, are you staying in the outer area? Or do you venture just a little bit further? Part of your ears self cleaning methods, include letting bits of dried wax drop out of the ear. But problems with wax blockage can arise when this wax doesn't get the chance to fall out, because you are pushing it back in with the Q-tip.

You may not think you are, but over time, this will build up. Your ear canal will not be able to push it out, and you can then get impacted wax.

Anyone who has ever suffered from impacted ear wax, can tell you, that if feels like you are under water. Almost like your ears need to pop and can't. It blocks your hearing, can cause you to feel dizzy, itchy, and just not well at all.

But there are a few ways to deal with wax blockage. First of all you should NOT stick anything in your ear to pick at it

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There are many products you can buy in the pharmacy such as syringes and other gadgets  that are specifically for ear wax blockages, I personally prefer the drops that soften the wax so that it can come out on its own. This takes a few days but is no where near as invasive and works well. 

Get the Doctor's OK

The best way to deal with impacted ear wax, is to see the doctor. The doctor can make sure you don't have any infections, they can get a good look in your ear canal, and will most likely "flush your ears". This is done in the doctor's office with a syringe with warm water and this is pushed into your ear, and the impacted ear wax will usually come right out making you feel better.

There are kits on the market for doing this yourself, but this is not really recommended. Anything to do with your ears should be seen by a Doctor. That being said, if you are a person that over produces ear wax, then you will want to prevent this with ear wax cleaning, and by using the drops as a preventative measure, can save you the annoyance of a ear wax blockage later.

Ear Candling

This is a very controversial method of removing wax. The idea behind this is that a cone or ear wax candle, is placed in your ear, lit, and the draw from the lit candle is supposed to draw out impurities and ear wax. The mess left on the plate after the ear wax candle has burnt down is suppose to be the ear wax blockage.

There are many believers in this method, but there are experts as well that have not been able to prove this method to be successful.

Use precaution if you try this method, as there are dangers of heat and burns with the candle. The wax candle is made of cotton, or linen that has been soaked in bees wax and then hardened.

Unless you are a producer of large amount of ear wax, the best way to deal with ear wax blockage or impacted ear wax is prevention.

After your shower, dry your ear with a towel, this way you are not in danger of sticking anything in your ear. Your ear will deal with itself. Ear wax is not bad, it has antiseptic properties as part of the self cleaning cycle to keep out bacteria.

Treasure your hearing!

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