Is it possible that you are suffering from impaired circulation? Most of the time that the term impaired circulation is used, it is referring to impaired peripheral circulation, which describes a condition in which the legs are no longer getting the same blood flow that they once did. The following criteria are the ones most often used by doctors when they are diagnosing circulation problems in the legs.

This first symptom is almost always the first one that is noticed by the patient. Numbness and cramping in the feet and lower legs usually warn the patient of developing circulation problems, which can be especially troublesome for people with other serious conditions such as diabetes.

Swelling in the lower legs is the next thing that you want to look for. Doctors refer to this as edema. Ten or fifteen seconds of firm pressure against the back or side of your lower leg will tell you whether or not edema is present. If your skin remains sunken where you pressed against your leg for more than a second or so, you have edema in your legs. The skin will eventually turn red and discolor because of all the extra fluid in the legs.

When you have circulation problems in the legs, you will also probably be feeling a lot of aches in your legs, and they will probably also easily grow tired. Standing or sitting in one place for a long time will also tend to worsen the pain and aches that you feel.

It is a very personal subject and many patients are reluctant to discuss it, but their libido can also be affected by the presence of circulation problems. A loss of proper circulation can have a dramatic effect on intimate functioning because in order for certain parts to work properly, a healthy flow of blood is necessary.

Wounds and scratches on the legs that remain unhealed for a long time is a symptom of circulation problems that should never be ignored. When the body is not circulating blood properly, it is not able to heal itself nearly as well as it normally could.

As you can see, a lot of different symptoms can warn of circulation problems. Most of the time, the first things that people will notice involve either pain in the legs or the development of numbness. Medical compression stockings and other tools such as Jobst support wear are available to help treat these circulation issues, and your doctor can give you more information about them.