One of the hot topics in global news is Iran's ongoing development of nuclear strike capability. In defiance of the countries that consider them a threat to all nations, they've touted their progress boastfully. The claims that come from Iran are no legitimate source of facts to anyone, and the rest of the world depends on intelligence unrelated to their posturing. But, as concerned as we all are, Israel has the most immediate problems with them as a nuclear threat as Iran's intentions regarding Israel are well documented. Israel has been forever at odds with nearly every nation in the region, which gives those nations an obvious ally status with Iran.

Just because Iran becomes nuclear missile capable doesn't mean they'll immediately lob warheads into Israel. It's more like a football team that acquires a deep threat player; anyone pitted against them has to constantly consider the possibility of the quick strike touchdown pass. It changes the balance of everything on the gridiron and tilts any stability that may exist in the Middle East in a comparable fashion.

China's a big silent player in all this as they support anyone who opposes democratic principles. Korea and Iran are suitable models of oppressive society that China wants visible to their considerable population. It's an amazing feat that China is able to keep 20% of the world's population under their governmental thumb and they prefer as few examples of freedom as possible.

Libya and Venezuela are on the short list of Iran's buds that aren't desperate for Iranian military support. Just being in that dictator driven ideology is enough to make them friends with Iran. As crucial as the coming year seems to be for Middle Eastern affairs, it's always a powder keg there. The biggest difference (to the U.S. anyway) is that it's becoming increasingly evident there will be no way of avoiding being involved in what's looking more and more like an inevitable Israeli/Iran confrontation.

Unfortunately, the "why can't we all just get along" touchy-feely days appear to be a thing of the past. With terrorism potentially around every corner, it seems irrelevant and a waste of time trying to figure out how it all got like this. Attempting to guess where we're heading is conjecture at best.

Those "Why Can't We Be Friends" touchy-feely times sure would be welcome back. No harm in being nostalgic; just "Reminiscing" as the Little River Band once sang.