If you are experiencing constant difficulties with the dentures that you are currently wearing, consider yourself one of many. There are hundreds or even thousands of people that wear dentures that don't fit properly and because of that, they experience continual difficulty and discomfort. They also suffer from eating and speaking problems. The good news is that there is a dental procedure called a dental implants, which will solve these problems. You can an implant denture installed to replace you traditional dentures.

If you are still not familiar with a dental implant or implant denture, it is a device inserted into the bone of the jaw that acts as the root. It supports the dental prosthetics. The moment that the implants are installed, the dentist will then makes pilot holes and then inserts a tiny, threaded titanium rods into the jaw bone. After the dentist is done with the process, the dentist will tighten the rods to ensure that the dental implants do not move.

There are numerous advantages of using implants vs dentures. The sheer functionality is the most important functionality. By having dentures, you will have to continuously visit your dentist for fittings and adjustments, not to temporary adhesive usage. Compared to dentures, implants will be able to provide better support to a prosthetic, therefore allowing a prosthetic to be able to stay firmly intact or in place.

Being able to speak and eat well is another benefit of having an implant denture. Traditional dentures have the tendency to move around or even slip off. So as a denture patient, you will need to be constantly guarding your dentures to keep them from causing an embarrassing scene. With an implant denture, you'll be able to speak and eat naturally.

Materials for dentures are really hard to construct, that is why there are many patients that aren't able to have them. The usual materials that they use for denture are acrylics, porcelain and plastic. Some people are allergic to those materials, therefore preventing them from having dentures. People that suffer from these allergic reactions will not experience it with dental implants since dental implants are made from titanium. Before, dentures initially helped patients with the smile that they always wanted, but we should face that fact that our technology advances for the better. Implants these days are already considered the best choice. You will surely have a higher self-confidence with your new beautiful smile with dental implants.