Shopping cart software is the necessary connection between selling products or services on your website and blowing up your bank account. The Internet shopping cart is now as important as its brick and mortar equivalent. Shopping cart performs three functions. First, it takes note of all the items your customer is considering to buy. Next, it tallies the costs of the items, and then it receives the payment from the customer for the items bought at checkout. Carts with advanced features also allow inventory management, calculators for tallying shipping fees, digital downloads, keeping tabs of affiliates and a lot more.

If you are operating an online business where you are selling a number of products, then you know how important it is to have a shopping cart. From small time merchants to other online retailing giants, shopping carts make their online businesses run smoothly and conveniently. There's plenty of shopping carts software out there and choosing which one works best for your business should be up to you and the kind of business you have. What you should keep in mind, as an online business operator, is that shopping cart software like 1ShoppingCart is the best way to take orders and get payments.

1ShoppingCart Description


1ShoppingCart is an eCommerce solution that provides services for online businesses. Their features include a page checkout, digital products checkout, tracing shipment in real-time, establishing affiliate programs, and setting up payment schemes for offline and online transactions. It also provides email marketing solution. 1ShoppingCart is an effective eCommerce tool for small businesses that want to boost their sales and branch out online.

1ShoppingCart caters to any kinds of businesses that want to establish their presence on the Internet. Merchants who want to sell thousands of products online can benefit greatly from the services 1ShoppingCart offers. It helps you attract more customers through its discount coupons which you could avail with the package. Registering for an account on 1ShoppingCart is made easier through its efficient guides that will help you set up an account. For eBooks and digital products, 1ShoppingCart delivers the goods to the customers once the payment process is completed.

As a 1ShoppingCart subscriber, you will be able to build contact list so you can send newsletters and email campaigns to your customers. It acts as an autoresponder, so you can send messages automatically. It also provides a tight anti-spamming technology to ensure that your customers' email addresses will not be utilized for spamming purposes. Additionally, 1ShoppingCart allows the payments from the transactions to go directly to your account.

Autoresponder Function

What gives 1ShoppingCart an edge over others is its autoresponder integration. As an autoresponder, it sends out a series of prearranged emails and your company's newsletters. It also allows you to create up to 10 customized fields on the form. You can make both sign-up forms and order forms. You can also set the settings to invisible, wherein a custom field appears so you can send private messages to certain customers.


In the "from" field of the programmed email messages, you can assign your own name and email address so it would look like you have sent out the messages yourself. You can also direct the replies to whatever inbox you have assigned them to appear in. Each email contains unsubscribe link and change email address option at the bottom in case your subscribers wish to take these actions.

1ShoppingCart Affiliate Program

The Professional Level package that 1ShoppingCart is offering includes a two-level affiliate program. You can choose to hand out commissions based on sales, clickthroughs, or generated leads. You can also set an amount for the minimum payout and the time you wish to give the payments. The software will then recognize which affiliate's account will be deposited with payment on the specified time and the amount of money to be given. You can integrate the affiliate program to the autoresponder to educate new affiliates about the goods you are selling and to get their participation. You can also create up to 10 banners or graphics to be used by your affiliates.

Tracking Ability and Technical Support

1ShoppingCart employs a very efficient ad tracking system that tracks clickthroughs, as well as the number of sales made. It supports any kind of conversion rate you choose to use as your sales system. It works by redirecting the customer to 1ShoppingCart's website when he clicks on an ad. After that, your customer will be redirected to your page where you would make the sales pitch to convince your shopper to purchase a product. When your customer clicks on the order button, he will go back to 1ShoppingCart's website to fill out an order form. The order is then recorded and the affiliate will be credited.

1ShoppingCart is very systematic in delivering sales data. It sends them out according to date, customers, type of products sold, ad campaign, and sales through affiliates. When a customer places an order, he receives a confirmation email and you will also get a notification email. Every time a sale is made you can view customer's details, view other customers' orders, erase orders, indicate order that requires refund, and update your affiliates' commissions.

1ShoppingCart allows you to choose which fields should be included and displayed when you download your data sales. You can also choose your format and how the data should be exported by using the radio buttons. However, you cannot save the download configuration so you might have to do this again in the future.

1ShoppingCart's makes up for its slightly unpolished merchant's interface through its help and technical support. A thorough set up process and how to complete it in case it gets interrupted is displayed in the Web interface. You can access the site's comprehensive User Manual by clicking on the "more info" button. Their technical support staff is well-trained and very helpful. They are very knowledgeable on how the system works and they are willing to assist their subscribers in any way possible. For the Starter and Basic packages, a one-hour free call to customer support is included and it should be more than enough to fill you in on everything you want to know. It is also possible to reach them through email.