If you change your contact number frequently you may lose clients because they will not be able to get in touch since you might have changed your previous number. Changing numbers frequently due to relocation or any other reason could cause major setbacks for your business. You may try to avoid the situation by making calls to regular clients and let them know about it or you may change the contact number in your business cards. However, this could only increase your expenses which ultimately hurt your profits. A viable, cost effective and efficient solution for Australian business owners is a 1300 number. Installing a 1300 number allows you to retain a permanent contact number so that existing and potential customers can contact you without any trouble no matter where you choose to physically relocate.

A 1300 number is a virtual number offered by several Australia telecom service providers. It is merely a point of contact by which clients can call you no matter where they are located within the country at the same rate as a local call. They are ideal even if you have multiple points of contact. All you need to do is let your service provider know about the number of answer-points you desire to set up, where the calls are to be directed, and the mode of answering calls. Service providers offer a variety of plans to suit every type of business irrespective of its nature and size.

For the most part,  Australian 1300 numbers allow customers to call you at local call rates irrespective of their location. In addition, they offer you great flexibility when it comes to answering calls. You can receive calls to any landline or mobile number that you specify. It is also possible to redirect calls to any other number like your receptionist’s number. If your office is located in different states then you can nominate one number in each state so that calls of people of a particular state will be answered in that state only i.e. it will not become interstate process. Many providers offer a live answering service where you can set a recorded business introduction which will be played when customers call. You can also answer calls using an Interactive Voice Response or IVR which has pre-selected options so that customers can directly know what they want to know.

If you are apprehensive about the costs to set up a 1300 number then you have no reason to be so. Plans begin from $14 to $200 based on your communication needs, which leads to a phenomenal reduction to your communication expenses. Many providers offer free minutes based on the type of plan, which varies between providers. Calls make to 1300 numbers from mobiles are at normal rates offered by mobile operators.

1300 numbers are undoubtedly a great way for customers to stay in touch with you at an affordable price. Moreover, if you desire to build a national presence, boost your brand image,