Why Should I Use Bike Lights?

The use of bike lights is extremely important if you are a regular cyclist, especially if you know you will be riding at night. A light will not only help to illuminate the way, but it will make you more visible to other road users including cars, pedestrians and other cyclists. Even if you wear high visibility clothing, you are not as bright as you may think and from a distance it can be difficult to spot cyclists riding with this type of clothing on. This is why it is essential to invest in a set of bike lights. Your purchase will not only make your ride safe and enjoyable, it will avoid any chance of an accident and therefore protect others. What's more, it's actually the law to use lights on your bike; legally you must have lights on your bike as soon as the daylight starts to fade.

For Use in Bad Weather

With high powered beams and variable power modes, bike lights today can cut through fog, mist, rain and the darkness with ease. The developments have meant that more and more cyclists can enjoy this hobby whatever the weather. Even when you are not riding at night, there are many times throughout the year when visibility is poor caused by adverse weather conditions such as fog and rain. In these conditions, cycling can become tough, especially if you are not kitted out. Your bike lights will certainly be put to the test in rough weather conditions and the greatest advantage, they will alert other road users of your presence. Always make sure you check the weather before you set off but to be safe rather than sorry, take them with you! 

Bike lights: A Safety Investment

Many cyclists try to avoid riding at night as they see it can be dangerous. Some people however find it to be an extremely attractive proposition due to the fact it gives the cyclist a level of solitude and calming ambience when compared to the intensity of riding in daylight. Of course it depends what type of riding you are taking part in but one thing is for sure, you’ll need bike lights to stay visible. If you choose the right brand and type of light, it will protect you for years to come and will prove to be a great investment. It will also mean that you can enjoy riding at whatever hour you choose! Alongside the purchase of bike lights, you may need to think about buying clothing and shoes.