Communication  is a term that is very widely used in various contexts- social, personal and organizational. Communication is a vital factor in all human activities. It is  also a much needed element in human relationship. Interaction between human beings, effected through proper communication may be considered as a basic requirement for human existence in the modern society. Hence communication may considered as an important requirement for the successful functioning of any organization which comprises of human and interactive functions. 

 In spite of its wide spread usage,the term has not been concisely and properly defined. Organizational communication  or communication from the point of view of management and in organizations. For our  purpose. Communication may defined as a process through which two or more persons exchange ideas and understandings as between them. This definition has several aspects.

Communication  is seen as process . Even though technological advances play a major part in communication, it is the force in people and surroundings which is what is considered important. hence communication is  a personal process. It Involves transmission of something it may be information, data, ideas or feelings .This becomes the subject matter in communication process.

The process involves two parties  on the sender and other the receiver this is an important element in process because. the intervening activities in the communication will have to designed and executed by the sender considering the receiver. Conversely if it is not considered there might be no response or a wrong response on the part of the receiver.

 Communication to be effective and meaningful there should be understanding  Accordingly, it is not only the physical transmission that is important but also proper understanding on the part of both sender and receiver.

Communication is an exchange process. in order to be effective the sender is requires to make sure that what he wanted to communicate, has  been transmitted and the effect, which he desired to take place , actually taken place. This can be verified only though a proper feedback.

 Communication has been recognized as early as beginning of this century. Communication is the major shaping force in the organization. communication makes the organization system dynamic and also links organization purpose to the human element. A few modern research applications have linked  organizational effectiveness to the managerial  communication.

Modern literature  on communication  describes two  major dimensions of managerial communication. The first relates to how managers communicate On a day today basis the other dimension relates to the enter personnel  process of communication in todays  organizations .