Social Network for Businesses

With social media sites like Facebook and Twitter getting increasingly popular many feared that the a popular business network like LinkedIn will loose its value and quickly fade away. But instead of fading away it has now become a major starting point for hiring managers and human resource managers. With many other social networks like Hi5 and MySpace declining the main reason LinkedIn survived was because it was focused on building business relationships and maintaining business relationships. Now lets take a look at few reasons why you should create a LinkedIn profile and maintain it well.

Internet is evolving and with it the hiring processes as well, Human resource management courses now have specific sections discussing how to use social media in hiring decisions. LinkedIn is used to get an idea about the achievements and career path of the individual and to a lesser extent Facebook is used to get an overall idea about the individual. This is the main reason why you should have a well maintained LinkedIn profile, with details of your achievements, details of your past jobs and also recommendations if any.

Also LinkedIn profiles rank very well for name searches. If you search for someone in Google, if he or she has created a LinkedIn profile most likely it will be the first result and it will definitely be visible in the first page. As mentioned above HR managers will search for you name and you don't want your forum posts in gaming forums coming as the first result. Facebook also performs well in name searches so make sure to maintain a decent Facebook profile as well, with more pictures etc of your achievements and less pictures of your drinking parties.

Like any social network LinkedIn is also a great place to make friends, but here the priority should be given to making business connections. There are specific groups for companies and specific groups for various professions as well. Do some searching and join some groups that are most relevant for you. See who is contributing in the discussions and build up connections with them and also make sure to contribute occasionally to the discussions. These connections will help you get good recommendations which will help you in securing jobs and advancing your career.

LinkedIn is a great tool for freelancers to show there capabilities and expertise. When you are working for a company it is relatively easy to get a reference or a recommendation, but for freelancers customers are mostly one time so it's not easy to go looking for previous customers when you need a reference. Soon as you do a project for a customer try to connect with him via LinkedIn and ask for a recommendation, if you did a good job  you are sure to get a great recommendation, which you can use to secure more freelance work.

As you can see there are many benefits of creating and maintaining a good LinkedIn profile and if you don't have one go create a one now. And if you already have a LinkedIn profile try to secure some recommendations and make it better.