Curd is prepared by fermentation of milk. It is more nutritious than milk. The natural process of molding from milk makes it effortless to digest. Doctors observed that people who cannot tolerate milk usually enjoy curd. One bowl has 3.1gm of protein, 4gm of fat, 149mg of calcium, and 93mg of phosphorus and vitamin B2, B12. It is believed that the word yogurt is arrived from Turkey.


Gain Weight

When added with sugar, it will be very effective and acts like a stimulant for gaining weight and acts as an appetizer. Obsessed people should avoid curd.

Medical benefits

Due to many medical benefits it is an effective solution for people those are suffering from piles and diarrhea. At the same time, also heals intestinal infections, stomach pains and vaginal infections.

Rich source of calcium and protein

Children find it difficult to consume milk because of excess lactose in milk. The alternative solution is curd that has even more amount of calcium and proteins in it. Those who deal with hair loss problems this may be a good homemade remedy.

Immunity Booster

Researchers have found that when a person consumes two bowls for three months continuously, then he/she will produce high levels immune in his body. The bacteria species found here enhance to develop the white cells in bloodstream.

Curbs down cholesterol

Studies have shown that there is a reduction of cholesterol in the body. This is because of the various bacteria present in it.


Avoid in summer

Contains a pH of 4.0 that is acidic property and it should be totally avoided in the summer where chances of acidity problems increases. If possible place in low temperature.

Irritation by sour pulp

Sour curd should be strictly avoided. At times it changes the taste of the tongue and causes problems in the throat that may last for a longer time.

Cold and headache

During winter it should be avoided completely because excess of curd in winter can lead to common cold and headache. Do not add ice cubes in curd. This can increase the body temperature and various infections starts accumulating..

Avoid storing in copper or brass container

When stored in containers the lactic acid present in it reacts with these copper particles called copper salts that are dangerous for human health and it also has poisonous substances which can damage the body.

Avoid at night

Consuming at night should be strictly avoided from the doctor’s point of view. Daily consumption is not good for health. Buttermilk is the best substitute that can be included in the dinner.

These are the few advantages and disadvantages. If it is consumed in a proper way, then there won’t be any health problems.