Employers are expected to monitor the performance of their employees and give them appropriate warnings or punishments if ever they failed to meet your demands.

Conducting and giving employee evaluations is one way of controlling the performance of your employees. Here are the different effects of conducting it:

  • Your employees will be able to receive not only criticisms, but also praises and other feedbacks
  • Your employees will know if you are satisfied with their performance
  • You will be able to give rewards to employees who always meet the imposed deadlines
  • You will be informed of the different concerns and needs of the entire workforce

Another advantage of conducting an employee evaluation is that it enables you to prevent disputes from arising in the workplace. Further, it will also allow you to monitor and document the performance of your employees, thus saving your from any liability if ever you decided to do suspend or terminate one of them.

If you disciplined or fired a certain employee, you will have evidence which shows that you have notified him about his poor performance and he has been given a chance to correct it.

However, before you give an evaluation to your employee, you should first create a system which will enable you to measure or assess his performance. In short, you will need to create different goals and standards for every worker.

  • Goals- They will be based on the worker's strengths and expertise. For example, an accounting professional's goal is to be able to take an exam which is needed in order for him to be proclaimed as a "certified public accountant".
  • Standards- The different standards that you are going to impose should cover employees who have similar job duties. They will be applied to many employees, not just one. For example, people who are engaged in car sales are required to sell at least three cars each month.

After you have created goals and standards for all of your employees, make sure that you put in writing so that it can be used as a reference or evidence later on.

Disputes Arising from Performance Evaluations

Although your primary goal for giving an employee evaluation is to ensure that everyone will meet what their job demands, there are instances when disputes may arise because of it. Instead of creating an effective workforce, it may cause misunderstandings and negative feelings, especially if an employee refuses to acknowledge your criticisms.

If this situation happens, it is advisable that you consult a Los Angeles labor attorney. More information about employee evaluations may be found in Importance of Giving Employee Evaluations (Part 2).