As mentioned in the first article; Importance of Giving Employee Evaluations (Part 1); giving employee evaluations has advantages and disadvantages. It will enable you to closely monitor the performance of your employees, but can also cause problems if some of them cannot accept what you have included in it.

Your employees may act defensively if they were informed that you are unsatisfied with their performance, thus causing workplace disputes. In addition, some of them may resent you if you are criticizing their work while praising other employees who are doing a good job.

If you want to avoid problems which are caused by employee evaluations, it is advisable that you follow these tips:

  • Give specific goals and standards- When you are setting goals and standards for all your employees, make sure that you will include ways on how they can comply or meet them. You should avoid using vague orders like "improve the quality of your work" or "work harder" because it may only cause confusion on their part.

If you want them to meet a certain requirement, then you need to be specific when it comes to your orders. You can set a clear and specific standard or goal by saying things like "you should increase your sales by at least 10 percent the following month" or "make sure that you will not overestimate salary figures in your report next meeting."

  • Avoid demanding too much from your employees- Make sure that your standards are attainable. If you want them to improve their performance, do not require them to do things that they have no control of because it may only dishearten them.
  • Listen to the opinions of your employees- The whole process of evaluation will be easier for both you and your employees if you will give them a chance to voice out their grievances and other concerns that are related to their job. For example, you can ask them if they are in favor of a certain rule that you are planning to enforce.
  • Concentrate on the employees' performance, not on their attitude or personality- You should give feedbacks about how well your employees performed a certain duty and avoid concentrating on their personal characteristics, unless these characteristics negatively affects their performance.
  • Be frank- If your employees are behaving poorly, do not be afraid to tell it to them. Remember, being frank and honest may be the only way to improve their performance.

If you have questions regarding the effects of giving employee evaluations, you can seek legal advice from a Los Angeles labor attorney.