With the increasing competition in the field of job opportunities, it has become really essential for a person to stand out from a pool of other applicants.  Your resume plays a crucial role in your job hunt. Just one glance at your resume can give the employer a complete idea about your background, experience and perhaps even your personality. Nevertheless, the paper resume becomes more and more superseded as we become more and more technically advanced. Moreover, the paper resume isn’t helpful in showcasing your qualifications and achievement to a greater mass. These days’ digital resumes have scored high over the paper resume.

Online resumes are purposely designed for applying for jobs online that generate interviews. More and more recruiters now days make use of the web as a medium to hunt for talented and deserving applicants. Hence it has become necessary to mark your presence online and leave traces of your talent over the Internet. That is why creating an online resume is not only a sensible choice but a proactive one!

“The resume focuses on you and the past. The cover letter focuses on the employer and the future. Tell the hiring professional what you can do to benefit the organization in the future.” – Joyce Lain Kennedy, author of the Los Angeles Times Syndicate's column ‘Careers’.

A well-designed online resume not only provides the ease of accessibility but also gives you greater exposure to the outer world. All it will take the employer to know about you is just a click. The employers might just Google you and reach you. Having an online resume increases your chances of landing up into a job as your resume dispersed online is accessible by anyone, anytime and from anyplace.

Additionally, by creating your online resume you can check the efficacy of your resume through some marketing research. You can send multiple versions of your resume to various audiences and based on the feedback you can make necessary modifications to the resume.

Market your skills!

Online Resumes lets you market your capabilities and skills in the best possible way. You get to feature yourself in a way that would make the recruiters feel that you are profitable for their organization. It also helps in creating an interactive impression as it provides a holistic view of your abilities and past experiences. Reviewing and Updating information in the online resume is very easy, inexpensive and well-organized.  An online resume allows you to globalize your distinctiveness and create an identity online.