You've probably heard the general health advice "drink at least 8 glasses of water per day". Fitness and health gurus everywhere swear by the concept of making sure everyone consumes at least their daily requirement of water in addition to a particular healthy diet. Usually water is free at your home, except in some areas where consumers are forced to pay for it, or have water delivered from local water companies. It's not only important to drink enough water on a regular basis, but also to drink pure, clean water. Sometimes our natural sources of water become contaminated as various pesticides, herbicides, chemical wastes and other harmful substances seep down through the ground. In these cases, tap water may become hazardous for our overall health, rather than helpful. Therefore it's important to understand how to make sure you're drinking the purest possible water you can by using various home water filter systems.

Many home's refrigerator units have built in water systems, so you can simply press your glass or cup underneath and water. The fridge includes a water filter so the H2O you get is purified when you get it. One problem with these is the tube which the water comes through may grow dirty over time, so regular cleaning is necessary. Also, some people may use these to fill water bottles, repeatedly. In these situations, germs are coming in contact with the tube nozzle, causing potential for transmission of germs, causing colds.

There's also the popular Brita water pitchers that some people use. These are plastic pitchers that include a special Brita water filter inside them. You simply fill up the pitcher at the tap, and then it gradually is filtered through creating pure water for you and your family to drink. These can also become dirty, but many of the newest versions include a special reminder date so you know when to get a new filter. Leaving the old filter in for too long can lead to drinking that unpure, possibly tainted water.

One of the coolest innovations in water purification may be the Big Berkey Water Filter System. These devices are well known for completely purifying just about any source of water you can find, making it usable or drinkable for everyday purposes. Some have suggested these as an item to keep on hand in the case of emergencies, because you never know when your local water supply may become contaminated and you'll need pure drinking water. Big Berkey delivers pure water usually in under an hour, plus it's a stainless steel design. You'll still need to replace filters in it every so often, but it brings peace of mind that you are getting extremely purified water. Big Berkey also works as a portable water filter if you might be going camping or traveling.

Water is one of our most precious and essential natural resources. We all know water's important for our health, so the last thing we want is to be drinking in harmful contaminants or minerals our bodies don't need. Therefore, using a method to make your water more pure is extremely beneficial for keeping you healthy, and for keeping emergency water sources nearby, just in case of a crisis.