Science and its importance

Science is a subject  in which physics takes importance role. What is physics? Physics is a subject which deals with wave and matter.   Classical Mechanics,  a special branch came to picture to deal with matter.  Quantum mechanics is also a special branch of Physics which deals with wave or radiation. First of all, we have to  distinguish between classical mechanics and quatum mechanics. Classical mechanics got life by Issac Newton, a great Physicist, who is the father conventional physics. By Newton's law of motion and law of universal gravitation makes him more popular in classical mechanics. Classical mechanics is a subject in which motion of bodies are discussed with principles involved in their motion where as in Quantum mechanics in which radiation which attached with bodies is discussed. Quantum mechanics got life by Debroglie, Hysenberg and Schrodinger to prove some extent to the motion bodies with radiation. In this subject, tunnel effect is the heart of Quantum Mechanics. First time, Max Planck who introduced "Quanta" term in his context by giving this name to energy packets.  He postulated that energy travel like pockets which he named it as "Quanta". On the basis of Planck idea, Quantum mechanics is extended more and more. Now, this subject is going deeply in every aspect of technology. Nano technology which is completely developed under application of Quantum mechanics.

      Come to statistical mechanics, it is also a branch of physics which mainly deals with classical mechanics, i.e., statistical mechanics is the advanced subject of classical mechanics. Suppose come to application of Quantum mechanics, it is fact when we put a cell phone in our pocket its radiation goes to our heart through tunnel effect.  Here we know the fact of science to alert about cell phones.  For resounds, we just shut our ears because sound radiation which undergoes tunnel effect. Like this, we can many applications of science that are to be used in daily life. For some applications,  these subject are very useful for us. We use telephone service by the property wave transport from one place to another place caused by wave mechanics. Ovens are the best example for boiling food using radiation.  Come to fridge, using thermodynamics, with application of cooling effect, we use fridge.  If we think like this, we come across many experiences in our life that are attached with Physics. We have to observe all these things in scientific manner to understand Physics concepts. At the same time, we can improve our application mode to use Physics in our life.