Important Facts about Holmes County Amish Furniture

Knowing about the region will give you a better appreciation for the furniture it produces. Here are some fascinating facts about Holmes County, which can make buying furniture from there an even more fantastic experience: 

1. It includes the world’s largest Amish County

While Pennsylvania arguably contains the most famous Amish Country, Ohio’s Holmes County actually contains Earth’s largest Amish Country. Holmes County’s population increased about 9% from 2000 to 2010, to over 42,000 people. This was particularly noteworthy considering that the population of many other Ohio counties actually decreased. One of the main causes of Holmes County’s population increase was the increase of retirees wanting to live in an Amish Country. More and more people were interested in escaping the daily grind of living in metropolitan areas throughout the USA. 

2. It’s located in the state of Ohio

You’ve probably heard of Ohio, but do you know where the named originated? Ohio’s name is based on an Iroquois word that means “Great River.” The state became the 17th one of the United States, in 1803. An irony about choosing Holmes county Amish furniture is that Ohio itself is known as the Buckeye State. The buckeye is a group of tree species that are native to North America, Europe, and Asia. And all genuine Amish furniture is produced from a type of hardwood.  

3. It’s named after Andrew Holmes

Who in the world was Andrew Holmes? Andrew Holmes was an officer in the American army, who died during the War of 1812 (between the USA and the British Empire). As a Captain, he won the Battle of Longwoods. However, after the USA promoted him to Major, Andrew Holmes died during the Battle of Mackinac Island.    

4. Its economy is greatly based on manufacturing

In fact, manufacturing comprises about one-third of Holmes County’s economy. And much of that manufacturing includes the production of handmade Amish products, such as furniture. So by choosing quality Amish furniture, you’re supporting the local economy. Just as importantly, the lower production costs of handmade products results in individual workers benefiting more from your purchases.  

Among the different types of furniture available, you should definitely consider Holmes county Amish furniture. The above reasons are some of the most viable ones that you should weigh before making your choice. Even if you’ve never been to Holmes County, buying its Amish furniture will make it your home away from home.