Soft contact lens care is important to maintain your vision healthy. Taking care of you lenses will make them last longer and will prevent random eye doctor visits due to neglect. This article will explain some things that must be done for proper contact lens care.

1. Wash your hands before you handle your contact lenses. Our hands touch anything and everything. While our hands may look clean, they may have living bacteria or viruses that can easily enter your eyes and cause harm. Washing your hands with soap and water will make them safe to touch your eyes. Dry your hands with a towel free of lint. Some paper towels work well as long as there's no lint. Something as small as a tiny grain of dirt or lint can cause pain if it's inside the contact lens while you're wearing it. So clean those dirty hands.

2. Never sleep with contact lenses. Unless your optometrist states that it's okay to sleep with your lenses, do not do it. If the soft contact lenses are not meant to be slept in but you do sleep in them, it could deprive your eyes of oxygen. Oxygen of course is very important for the eye's health. If your eyes become too oxygen deprived with enlarged blood vessels, you may be told by your eye doctor that you cannot wear contact lenses for a while or ever. Do not forget to remove those contact lenses before you go to sleep to keep your eyes healthy.

3. Replace contact lenses as prescribed. Soft contact lenses are disposable. Some are daily disposable, while others are bi-weekly, monthly, even yearly. Typically the longer the contact lens is to be worn, the thicker it is so that it can maintain oxygen in the eyes better. Wearing contact lenses longer that they were made to be worn means that your eyes are not getting the benefit from the soft contact lens. You may not be getting enough oxygen and you may also be damaging your eyes from unnoticeable scratches on the contacts. If contact lenses are monthly, then they will only last month regardless of how comfortable they feel. Read the contact lens prescription or ask your optometrist to know how often to replace your lenses.

4. Replace the contact lens case every three months. This case is the one that you keep your contacts in with multi-purpose or saline solution while you're not wearing them. The contacts are being cleaned so deposits are left behind in the casecont. Getting a new case every three months will keep your lenses fresh and clean.

5. Rinse the contact lens case with solution. Only use multi-purpose or saline solution to rinse the case. Never use water and never use dirty used solution.

6. Never use water around your soft contacts. Water can carry microbes that can get into your eyes. Multi-purpose solution is specially made for the cleanliness of contacts. Do not go swimming, take a shower, or bath with your contact lenses because water can get into your eyes and cause irritations.