Milestones for Toddlers

Understanding Important Milestones for Toddlers

When children are born, especially for first time parents, all we can see when we look into their eyes and think of their future are the endless possibilities that lay ahead of them. Within all of the hope and wonder, what we do not realize sometimes are all of the milestones that they will hit in just the few first short years of their lives.

Any parent will also tell you that these times go by so fast, so marking each milestone is not only important, but something they will appreciate when they are older and have children of their own. This article will cover what milestones for toddlers you can expect from very early childhood to preschool age. This article will primarily be covering the physical toddler milestones and not so much of the physiological and emotional milestones.

Age: 12 Months

Milestones for toddlers at this stage include interest in playing ball (or other similar toy) soon after they turn 1 year old. It begins with throwing a ball and then learning to kick the ball within the following year. The way to introduce this to the child is by simply rolling a small ball back and forth to the child on the floor and eventually they will want to pick it up and throw it (and then start to kick it). A lot of children are starting to walk at this age (if they have not yet already begun), so playing ball is a good introduction into teaching motor skills to your toddler.

Age: 12-18 Months

Milestones for toddlers at this stage include their confidence in their walking skills. For example, pushing and pulling toys is something they discover to do at this stage. Purchasing toys that give them the ability to do this is important in this milestone for toddlers. Picking up mannerisms of people they are around all the time and mimicking gestures at this stage are often funny, but beware, they are a sponge and will soak up everything you do and say.

Squatting is also another achievement that your toddler will learn to do by their second birthday. Most of the time, you will see this in the early stages of walking too, when they are still holding onto a piece of furniture for support and they will squat with one hand reaching for a toy on the ground.

Once they have mastered most of that, here is where the fun, yet scary part begins: climbing. Make sure that whatever they are climbing on is as safe as you can make it, and trying to be very attentive at this stage of milestone for your toddler, is important for their safety (and it also teaches them boundaries). Do not be worried if your child seems too scared or leery to climb. They will find their own boundaries and ways of making this happen on their own time. Do some research on ways to protect your climbing toddler in your home before they start showing signs of climbing.

Age: 24-36 Months

Milestones for toddlers at this stage are what is going to make you get back into shape! This is where they have gained firm grasp in their stability and running becomes an every minute event. Your child might also start showing signs of being ready to be potty trained. Keep in mind that there is not an exact science to potty training and the only thing you need to equip yourself with is tons of patience.

Milestones for toddlers are something you are going to want to document so make sure you have that baby book or baby scrapbook and camera ready and waiting to document as many milestones as you can.