Every husband and wife has their own story to tell about their marriage. But how are you going to save a marriage from a near break up relationship? How can you rebuild your trust and forgive your partner for their past mistakes? Through time, effort and determination your marriage can be saved.

Partners should remember some important pointers that help to keep marriage intact. It is hard enough to be with your partner when there is little respect and understanding.

Marriages fall apart due to some reasons such as when the needs of the partner are not met because of insensitivity or when marriage is taken for granted which causes emotional build-up and not realizing that your marriage is drifting apart.

Here are some important pointers to help you save your marriage from breaking up:

  • Assessment: look at the things that you and your partner hate about each other. Writing down things that make you angry about your spouse down to the simple thing such as the way you hate him throwing his socks on the floor. Little things can build up emotions that create a negative outcome if not given a solution. Write specific things that you want to change in your marriage to avoid further misunderstanding and prevent reoccurrence of heated arguments.


  • Examining past emotional issues: unresolved past emotional issues create a rift between couples which could lead eventually to separation or divorce. Examining those issues by talking it over and bringing up a solution to the problem will help keep the marriage intact. Dwelling on the past emotional issues can build up the wall between couples.


  • Breaking down the wall: being close and intimate with your partner is one way of strengthening the marriage. Some couples are not aware that they are building an emotional wall that keeps them apart from their spouses. To make your marriage work, you need to unblock those emotional walls you built and create an intimate relationship with your partner. This will deepen your relationship and create a stronger bond between you and your spouse.


  • Communicate from the heart: saving a marriage needs honesty and sincerity in everything you say. When you say something to your partner it should come from the heart and not just your mouth. Saying things just for the sake of making your spouse feel better will create misunderstanding which is not helpful in your present situation. Saying words that you don’t really mean might help you fix current issues, but won't make up for past sins.


Saving a marriage is not that easy to achieve especially if both partners are both ready to give up because they feel that things are hopeless. But if you are really serious about making things right, you will do your best to be better for your partner. Giving your marriage a second chance could be the way for a more harmonious and happy life together.