Administrative assistants have a wealth of jobs to choose from because every business needs some to deal with the public on a daily basis and do other clerical tasks. An admin assistant is both a specialist and a multi-talented worker but there are certain qualities that make a good office assistant stand out from the rest. Do you have those qualities?

The ability to communicate well is likely one of the top skills that will make you stand out as an admin assistant. Every day you'll find the need to communicate with others. Communication takes many forms so you'll have to be good at phone communications, written communications, and various forms of verbal communications. Why is communicating such an important quality in an administrative assistant? Well, communications is really the ability to get your point across without wasting anyone's time (i.e quickly), and more importantly, efficiently. People with poor communications may feel that they are saying what they mean but the essence of their words does not come across clearly and that can result in misunderstandings. For an administrative assistant it is essential that everything they say and write is understood by the other party. And don't forget listening – listening is just as important as talking when communicating and if you are not listening effectively you will miss out on the nuances of someone's words and that can cause big mistakes.

Another quality of administrative assistants that make their employers want to hang on to them is a genuine pleasure in serving people. The administrative assistant is many things and being an excellent customer service provider is one of them. They must be able to decide what it is that the customer wants and deliver it in the most efficient way possible. And don't forget that customers are not just clients – there are also the internal customers that an admin assistant must deal with on a daily basis, like co-workers and managers.

Finally, administrative assistants must be team players. On a daily basis they may be working with many people on different projects and the roles that admin assistants play is usually very important. They are usually the ones that are expected to organize and to keep everyone else on task. It may not be the most appreciated role but without a team player taking care of that, projects would never get completed.

Administrative assistants that can demonstrate their skills as strong communicators, customer service providers, and team players are the ones who not only keep their jobs but they are often the ones that get promoted. They sometimes find themselves rising through the ranks of a company to become managers, executives, and other well paid professionals. The best way to get those skills is either with experience or with training. Getting the experience can take many years but you can train as an administrative in less than a year at a qualified business college.

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