Drowning is a situation that can happen anywhere – in swimming pools, at sea, or even in bath tubs. Unfortunately, most of these incidents could have been prevented if only the people around the victim knew what to do. Here is a safety guide in order to prevent drowning accidents:

Before swimming

  • Learn how to swim – This may be the most important way to avoid drowning accidents.
  • Always use the buddy system – In this system, a beginner should be paired with an advanced swimmer.
  • Never drink alcohol or take drugs when on the water – It is very dangerous if you lose consciousness while on the water.

Spotting a drowning victim

  • His mouth opens but no voice or shout is heard – This means the victim's main priority is to get air. Yelling or shouting may cause water to enter his mouth.
  • He splashes the water while paddling – This action is a common indication that he is not a swimmer.
  • His head bobs up and down the water surface – In this stage, he may not hold out any longer.

Rescuing a drowning victim

  • Approach the victim only if you are an advanced swimmer – A rescuer should know the basics of life-saving in order to save the victim. Otherwise, it might become dangerous for him to go.
  • Lay the victim flat on his back – This is the best position for a medical expert to perform CPR to the victim.
  • Seek professional medical help – If you do not know how to perform CPR, call an ambulance immediately. They will know how to handle the situation.

According to experts, children only have more than 30 seconds to survive a drowning accident, while adults have more than a minute. During this crucial period, someone should be able to take them out of the water, or else, they would be killed.

In a drowning accident, there should be no room for panic. If the rescuing parties have been overcome by fear, they may not be able to save the victim. And like any kind of accident, compensatory damages should be provided by the responsible party. For instance, if there were no barriers or fences to keep children away from deeper areas of the pool, the resort management or owner would be held liable. For more information regarding drowning accidents and liability, you may seek legal counsel from a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer.