Automobile accidents in the United States are painfully common especially due to some negligence-related factors such as distracted driving, DUI, violation of traffic rules, and the like. The year 2011 just ended, and even though the total toll of traffic accidents for the said year is not yet in, still drivers must anticipate that collisions do occur.

In 2010, around 32,800 people* were killed due to car accidents in the country – the lowest fatality rate since 1949. Although the odds are on the side of American motorists, still no one should be too confident to care less. Accidents may occur without any notice which is why every driver must practice all necessary precautionary measures.

Unfortunately, no matter how much a person tries to avoid accidents, mishaps may still happen due to negligent motorists. In an unfortunate case that a person gets caught up in a road accident, he or she must know beforehand the procedures he or she must accomplish – this is to ensure that his or her legal rights and safety are assured.

Importance of Police Reports for Car Accidents


One of the most fundamental yet commonly disregarded steps during an auto accident aftermath is acquiring police report. Traffic accident report is very much necessary because it would provide pieces of information relevant in seeking compensations.

Motor vehicle accident victims must learn how to sufficiently and proficiently deal with police reports in order to successfully claim for personal injury compensations. The following are suggested tips when acquiring police reports:

1. Contact the police promptly after the incident – Aside from seeking medical attention, accident victims must contact traffic authorities. By doing this, police officers can document and record the accident. Furthermore, they can file a police report concerning the accident.


2. Provide specific and detailed information – When police officers arrive at the accident scene, affected parties must honestly and completely provide information to the attending authorities. Parties must be specific and precise in giving the information in order for the authorities to come up with an accurate police report.

3. File a report no matter how small the accident was – Minor automobile accident victims tend not to contact the police; however, doing such can be risky. Victims must ensure that they possess documents related to the accident.

Majority of Los Angeles attorneys advise accident victims to acquire and secure a copy of police report in order to competently assert for non-economic and economic damages.