Congratulations! You are reading this article that means either you are preparing for an interview or you are appering for one, In either case it's natural to feel nervous and anxious on the day of interview. I am sharing some down to earth basic and very important protocol to do on the day of interview which will help you to be prepared on the interview day. Follow these simple protocol and enhance you confidence.

1.Wake up Early- It's said "early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy and wise"  I say " atleast on the day of interview". Avoid any late night  plan on the day before interview. Set a morning alarm and ask some one to wake you up at paticular time (as a backup in case you miss the alarm). Rising up early will give you plenty of time to get ready and relax and to do all the preparations and orient ourself well for the big day.

2. Relaxation Techniques to lower your Anxiety- Feeling nervous is absolutly normal but if it dominates you it can affect your confidence at the interview.When you get nervous your muscles get cold and tense which creates a uncomfortable feeling and reduces your performance. Following are some techniques that will bring you out from tense  and anxious state- (a).If you go for jogging, brisk walking or swiming or any other light  exercise then try to go for one of these on the morning of interview day.If you are at the interview venue and feeling nervous just before the inteview then try this- (b)Sit on a calm place take slow deep breath and release it slowly feel your body getting light with each breath going out, this will give oxygen to your brain and make you feel relaxed( It's so efective that even if you do it right now reading this article you will feel light. try it!)

3.Make your appearence smart- Dressing depends on the company type and the job you are applying for.It's not necessary to wear shirt and tie in every interview.There are two ways of knowing the dress code of company  either call the receptionist of the office and inquire about any fixed code about dressing or you can go to the office at the office hours and see employees what they are wearing, just chose a smarter version of what ever they are wearing. Precautions with outfit- (a).Keep your dress ready beforehand, get ironed and at best condition it's beter you keep two sets of that catagory of dress so that you can change one if some problem occurs at last minute. (b).try your dress and make sure it's comfortble, look in the mirror for any kind of tear or wardrobe malfunction. 

4.Care for your looks- Take a refreshing bath in the moring of the interview day, It will relax you. make sure your hairs are nicely trimed and styled.Properly shape and trim your beard (if you keep it) or go clean shaved, avoid and nicks or cuts while shaving on the day of interview it looks awkward. If you are women then smartly style your hair, do all proper care for your looks (You know it better). Put a light makeup if needed, don't go with a painted face.

5.Crosschek the Documents- Make a sticky note of all the documents needed on the day   of intervie and stick it on your file/ folder check all nessary documetns before leaving for the interview. It boosts your confidence and you know that you have everythihg needed to get hired.

6.The Food The Energy- Don't try to skip your breakfast. Make a nice healthy and easy to digest breafast for you or you can buy it from restaurant on the way but make sure to have something because it will give glucose to your brainand keep you in best and energetic form and company wants energetic people not tired and worn out people.

7.The Transpotaion or Way to the Venue- If you are familiar to the inteview venue and it's way then skip this point, if you are new to it then follow- Get information about the way to venue before hand and try to trak it before theacutal day of interview, Try to keep knowledge of  Bus service, train or taxi and there routes, fairs and time taken to reach there.If you have your own vehicle then keep it in good and running condition and filed with fuel to avoid any unnecessary hassel(also keep you driving licence and Id card) . I don't want you to stuck in the way due to transportation and miss your interview.

8.What to do when you Reach?- Talk to the resepsonist inquire about the interview timing and any change in the plans, show her your interview call letter if needed (They usually tell everything without asking ), Ask where is the interview room and where to sit and wait if it's a multi sectional bigger office. Don't ener the room with all your cluttered stuffs if you have come with lots of stuff then ask resepsonist where to keep them. 

9.What should you have when you enter the room?- (a) Documents carried in your folder /file, (b)A handkerchief in your pocket. (c) Your wallet with your ID card and basic stuffs.

10.Last but Most Important point- There is no secret way to get selected or hired for a job, Its a mixed chance of your Credits, Preveous hard work and Luck, One thing I'll say is that Passion and Determination of a person can be judged how he walk, talk and act, You can't fake it, People will judge you easly if you do that, so my best advice is to be solid and passionate for what ever you dream to be. I suggest to watch my personal favourate inspirational movie- The Persuite Of Happyness starred by Will Smith which is based on a a true story of a struggling salesman that takes custody of his son as he's poised to begin a life-changing professional endeavor.Watch the job interview part of the movie on youtube to get inspired.

Thanks for reading untill end because the essence was the last point.

The Pursuit Of Happyness - Job Interview

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