Vegetables have been part of human cravings for healthy and nutritious foods. So, people grow vegetables for their own consumption. And the fact that vegetables don't require much of a space to grow, anyone can make a small garden in the backyard.

Usually, vegetables are grown together with herbs and flowers to make more appealing look. Well, aside from having a beautiful garden, you can have your favorite vegetable salad everyday. So, what can you ask for?

Now, the good thing about vegetable gardening is that it is so easy and light and everyone can do it; you don't need heavy equipment to convert your monotonous backyard into a colorful garden. However, you have to consider some things to be able to optimize the beauty you want to project.

Here are the important things you should consider when gardening:

· Soil & Location - to start with, soil is the basic necessity for plants. Therefore, you must find a site where soil is rich or you may want to aged manure or even compost. Cultivating it would even make the site conducive to growing vegetables. The location is also important; you must grow your vegetables where there is enough sunlight to nourish the plants but not too much that they will be scorched. Ensuring that your plants are protected from strong winds is yet another important practice in gardening.

· Size & Layout - the size of your garden totally depends on the size of the place where you can grow plants. But it is advisable to start out in a smaller garden as there will be more soil works involved. In any way, having a good layout will ensure that your garden can receive a good design. Thus, you will be able to classify the plants you grow. You must also consider that some herbs may grow taller than others; avoid planting them in a place or spot where shorter plants grow.

· Research Seeds - you must grow vegetables you would like to eat. Also, you must research on ways on how to grow them accordingly. Remember that each species of vegetables or herbs has its own appropriate way of treatment.

· Water - one of the most important things to consider when gardening vegetables is the availability of water and the natural moist of the soil. So, when planning and choosing for a place to grow vegetables, water should always be the first priority.

Gardening is a passion for some people and a hobby for others. Whatever it is to you, you need to maintain it to ensure that your garden will look elegant, colorful and useful; vegetable gardening has been proven good for the health in the first place.

In a nutshell, there is more to gardening than just planting flowers. Why don't you try them yourself?