Importance of teaching our young adults

January of last year I became a homeschool parent/teacher for the first time in my adult life. My son was going to a public school in Indianapolis where he was being bullied which was why he left the Mooresville Schools. Becoming that parent/teacher I had to make choices to what I should teach my 13 year old son at the time. I discussed what my options were with his dad and with my parents who had helped me raise him. I thought that I should still stick the subjects that he was being taught in school but I thought about other subjects as a family that I thought that were important to the person that he would become as an adult. I grew up going to church on Sunday mornings and I still thought that we should still stick to going to church and learning the word of God. But there were other subjects that I thought that the schools were failing to teach my son that I wanted to know how to do when he got out on his own.

            Yes, he would have to know how to read to fill out a job application but I think that he should know the history of the country that he was raised in. I also agreed that math would still be important since he would have to know how to balance his checkbook and need to know how to budget for going to the grocery store. When I looked back at the time when I was getting out on my own and the things that I wasn’t taught that I thought that all pre-adults should know are how to cook, clean, and how to take care of their vehicle along with many other things that I don’t think that the schools teach these days.

            Since this journey started for us a year ago I have learned as much as he has about things that are so important for the adults living in the modern era. The people of today communicate so much differently then when I was a teenager growing into an adult. The social media alone is nowhere what it was when I was his age. We used computers at his age but not the same point that they do now days. That takes in account to how and what we have to teach our children growing up in this era.

            My son has discussed the military since he would like to be like his dad but that doesn’t take the place of the information that he still has to be taught. I think that he needs to know how to cook for himself and maybe a woman for a future wife. From his grandpa who is a mechanic has taught him how to take care of his car without going to a mechanic. We are trying to teach him as much as possible while we can so that he doesn’t have to rely on the outside world to teach him. Loving to cook my mom and I have taught him the importance of being able to survive without having much. Our family lives on next to nothing and I want him to be able to feed himself without have to rely on others since that isn’t always an option.

            At my parent’s how was raised doing the lawn and how to maintain it. Over the past few years we have taught him how to shop and what’s important to know. We are teaching him about services that he has to apply to like paying taxes and how to do searches on the computer.

            Growing up in our family and in our church he was taught to have an open heart for people and to not judge people for their color or anything else. He has seen his family struggle to make it but he has had an open heart to treat people how he wants to be treated. In my eyes and heart those are one of the most important things you can teach a young person.

            As this person that I am, I am trying to teach my son to be the best person that he can be. He knows how to fin for himself without having to ask for help but he knows that he can ask questions about whatever he wants to learn. You can laugh at me for what you think that I should be teaching my son but I think that he will hold his head high when he knows how to do these things that other adults don’t know how to do.