Many homeowners are reluctant to make significant home improvements even when these can increase the properties' resale values. Examples include bedroom and bathroom renovations, two of the rooms in a house that buyers look into when considering a property.

The good news is that there are plenty of things that one can do to lower the costs of home improvement. Here are a few tips.

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Plan the Home Improvement
Good planning is always a must when it comes to home repairs and renovations. Doing so lessens the risks for getting over the budget, ending up with inferior materials, and dealing with future structural problems that could be avoided in the first place. For example, unplanned bedroom renovations can lead to drafts in the room that make one’s sleep difficult.

As with any good planning, one must plan for the following:

  • Quality and measure of materials via a materials list
  • Labor required including the general contractor, plumber, electrician and carpenter. Many of the tasks involved in the renovation is possible as a DIY project.
  • Timetable for the tasks involved in the project. For example, the bathroom renovations should always be finished inside a stipulated time to avoid inconvenience to the entire household.

Look for Deals
When planning for the renovations, one should plan around the deals offered by online and offline stores. One can enjoy real savings without compromising the last results of the project. For example, renovations to the bedroom begins when the neighborhood hardware-store and bed-and-bath shop is offering deep discounts for customers. Black Friday sales, Christmas sales and seasonal sales are some good examples.

Let the Drains and Outlets Stay
Unless necessary, let the existing plumbing drains and electrical outlets stay in their places. Keep in mind that moving these lines can cost a fortune and, thus, add to your total costs. For example, if one is planning to move the kitchen sink it might just cost as much as $2,000 in total. Similarly, just imagine the costs when rerouting the existing electrical lines in the bedroom!

Go for Stock Pieces
Customization is well and good when money is no object. But when sticking to a budget, it is best to stick to the stock pieces in the stores with customization coming in later in the form of the less expensive fixtures and furnishings. Think of it: Custom cabinets in the bathroom can cost as much as 50% than stock cabinets. That is tremendous savings.

Recycle and Reuse
Sometimes, the best home improvements involve little cost with the use of recycled materials. Look through your attic, basement and shed for reusable materials. Buy from building supply auctions. Purchase from estate sales especially the wood, glass and steel materials from grand old mansions. Better yet, ask for leftover materials from general contractors from their past jobs. Even when one spend for the materials, they can get a hefty discount. Tip: Haul the materials on your own truck.

The most noteworthy thing about saving in home improvement projects, be it for the bedroom or the bathroom, is to compare prices for the materials, labor and other aspects of the construction. This will help one in getting high-quality materials for more affordable prices.