Humorous Gifts for Baby Showers

I am not a baby person, nor a kid person. Not in the least. I never babysat when I was younger, nor have I dreamed of ever having kids of my own. Everyone I know has told me that I will " change my mind down the road", everyone except for my sister. She knows me well, and knows this has not, nor will ever change. So when she called me with the news that she was pregnant, after a couple of hours of crying, screeching and random blubbering on her end, we somehow ended up at the words "Will you come to my baby shower?" I tried to hedge out of it, but come on, she's pregnant, and hormonal, and scary. So I agreed. But I told her I'm going to be the one with the inappropriate and impractical gift. She expected nothing less. After some lazy afternoon internet searches I've come up with the following surprisingly awesome baby shower gifts. 

Who said growing up had to be taken seriously?


The Best Hilarious Baby Shower Gifts


Go the F***k to Sleep, by Adam Mansbach: I accidentally stumbled upon this book by accident about a year ago. It caused me to laugh uproariously and I vowed to give it to one of my friends should they ever become pregnant, well....whoooola! This book is actually going to get some use. Probably not by the child, but hey, It'll be something to relieve the poor parents' tension after many a sleepless night.


Inappropriate baby T-Shirts: These are EVERYWHERE across the internet. Who knew? They say different things such as "I only cry when ugly people hold me" or "I drink until I pass out...just like daddy." The parents and friends are bound to get a kick out of  it (if they have any decent sense of humor at all). And can you imagine the kid looking back on his pictures and seeing a shirt like that? Maybe he'll finally appreciate how awesome his parents are.


How Not to Kill Your Baby, by Jacob Sager Weinstein: This book is the ultimate parody of the many overzealous parenting manuals available on the market today. It is seriously funny cover to cover, guaranteed to make the parents laugh for many years to come.


Safe Baby Handling Tips, by David Sopp: Another great funny parenting care parody book. Every page had me laughing out loud, no matter how many times I read it. No doubt it will definitely relieve some of that new-baby tension that fills the house after many dirty diapers and sleepless nights. many gifts, so little time. My only problem now is picking one of them!