Turning up fpr a job interview can be a scary experience for many people but try to remember that first impressions are vital and you need to draw confidence from the fact that you must have already made a great impression by getting to the interview stage in the first place!

Here are a several tips to help you impress your potential future employers at your job interview:

1) Be On Time - If you interview is booked for 11am, make sure you arrive a quarter of an hour early. This gives you the chance to find reception, take a seat and gather your thoughts. Arriving late for a job interview is very bad form however if you are unexpectedly delayed then make sure that you contact the company in advance and inform them you may be slightly late. 

2) Take All Appropriate Documentation - Make sure that you have several copies of your most recent CV (one for each of the interview panel), a photocopy of your letter of application (or application form). It is also quite common for companies to ask you to you bring extra documents with you on the day of the interview such as ID so ensure you read your letter of invitation properly before interview day.

3) Research The Company! - The company probably has a website or may even  send you literature in the post in advance so make sure you spend a few hours reading this before to the interview.  A candidate that has some knowledge of the company or role that they are applying for will have an advantage over a  badly-prepared candidate.

4) Turn Off Your Mobile Phone - You shouldn't really need to be told this!

5) Correct Posture & Eye-Contact - Body language is an important factor during an interview, so try to maintain a good, upright posture (no slouching - even if the interview is conducted in an informal manner). Look the interviewer in the eye when answering their questions but remember to glance at the other members of the interview panel occasionally also (this will show confidence and social awareness).

6) Listen Carefully & Think Before You Answer - Interviewers know that they may ask probing questions and understand you may need a moment or two to answer them so take advantage of this fact and compose yourself before answering a clear, concise manner.

Final Thoughts

It is the interviewers job to find the correct person for the vacancy so from their point of view they want you to do well and hopefully impress them - they are actually on your side! Bear this in mind at all times to boost your confidence and try to stay relaxed during the interview process - good luck!