Clue, one of the most famous Parker Brothers games, has been a staple at parties or lazy afternoons for decades. However, it can become quite irritating when an opponent declares an accusation and wins the game before you've even left the Lounge. This guide will give you the skills needed to increase your chances of victory in this legendary whodunnit.

Things You Will Need

All you'll need is a pencil, a brain, and the board game Clue.

Step 1

Take advantage of rooms you are given

If there is any rule that can most greatly increase your chances of winning, it is this one. Let us use an example to demonstrate. Suppose you select Mrs. Peacock as your character and are dealt the Conservatory. This places you at a huge advantage. Why? When you make a suggestion in the room closest to your starting point, the Conservatory, other players can only show you rooms and weapons. By staying in one place, you can get two out of the three factors of the crime figured out!

Step 2


Clue, in addition to being a game of skill, is very psychologically oriented. Without a good poker face, you can't expect the players not to hone in on what cards you're hiding in your hand. However, you will want to make most of your suggestions (especially early in the game) ones where you have either the suspect, weapon, or room you are suggesting, all the while making the other players not think you're holding any of them in your hand.

Ideally, as described above, you would bluff with a room to quickly get the suspect and weapon; you would then go around the board finding the correct room, bluffing with suspects or weapons you already have.

However, your starting rooms may be impractically far away (i.e. Miss Scarlet having Billiard Room and Library), or worse, you may not start with any rooms. In these scenarios, you should simply begin bluffing with a suspect or a weapon to try and narrow down the other two. This is more time-consuming due to the fact that, if you're shown a room, you must move somewhere else to do elimination.

Step 3

Track suggestions

Many players are aware of basic process of elimination. That is, let us say Bob suggests Miss Scarlet with the Knife in the Lounge. Let us also say that you have the Knife and the Lounge. If Susan disproves Bob, you know that Susan must have Miss Scarlet, and can mark her off.

However, what many players do not take advantage of are things such as the following scenario. Let us, once again, say that Bob suggests Miss Scarlet with the Knife in the Lounge. Susan cannot disprove him. Although it seems quite uneventful, her inability to disprove Bob demonstrates that she does not have Miss Scarlet, the Knife, or the Lounge, and you should make a note of this; if no one has something, it must be the correct card. To make this a quick task, I recommend using the letters R, Y, W, G, B, P (red, yellow, white, green, blue, purple). When one of the players doesn't have something, write their color's letter in another column.

With these three tips, you should find yourself much more successful at defeating friends and family members in Clue. Good luck, detective.

Tips & Warnings

Although it may be tempting to bluff ceaselessly, you shouldn't bluff just to throw others off. The primary purpose of bluffing is to narrow down what you are eliminating in order to get each part of the crime scene the fastest.