In a post-real estate bubble market it's good to look for projects around the house that will help support home value and build lasting beauty and durability to your house. There are many projects you can do around the house which do not require much more than a weekend of manual labor and an able bodied person to complete.


Improve Home Value

Home Repair Guide With PhotosYou do not have to take on overwhelming projects to build value in your home nor do you have to take on projects which require more skill than the average person can possess. These kinds of projects were usually the one's which were often overlooked in the grander scheme of remodeling during the boom, but today these projects are the detail work that anyone can do to gradually upgrade a home and increase its value.


Some of the simplest home improvement jobs that make the biggest difference in general appearance is to upgrade the light fixtures, electrical face plates, faucet spouts, and door hinges. These are details which you can easily upgrade in your spare time. They can be accomplished in mere hours and can cost very little compared to major upgrades like remodeling a kitchen or adding a spare room.


Home Improvement Guide - Home DepotOther home improvement projects that are slightly more costly and can occupy a little more time and labor can still be more than worth it for you to take on. Installing new appliances, removing popcorn ceiling texture, and doing basic landscaping are projects such as these which come to mind immediately. Building planter boxes for the yard or grading a slope with a concrete retaining wall can easily improve home value and will only require a good weekend of manual labor and costs of materials. In fact most landscaping jobs can almost always be completed by an amateur assuming he or she does homework ahead of time and learns the correct way to do the job.


Home Improvement Concrete Projects

Home Improvement Guide In SpanishMany concrete resurfacing projects seem quite difficult upon first glance but even these can easily be accomplished by a well informed novice and doing them yourself can end up saving you a lot of money. Staining your concrete garage floor or resurfacing and stamping your outdoor patio can be a fun project that can add beauty to your cement surfaces for years to come. The jobs only take a couple days top to finish up and the protection applied to your surfaces may make the job worth it by itself.


Increase Home Value With Decorative Concrete CountertopsYou can always hire thee jobs out yourself if you feel that you are not up to the challenge but working with concrete is not as tough as you may think. Most of your residential concrete project costs will be for the labor rather than for the supplies and materials but at least you will be confident in knowing that your home is being upgraded and kept in shape. This adds home value and appeal to the casual buyer as well as a sense of pride in homeownership.


Home improvement projects and home repair projects can be addictive as you get more comfortable in doing them and considering the value they add they are worthwhile activities to take part in... right up there with a mortgage refinance. As previously stated these jobs are usually detail work. They provide the kinds of benefits that people don't look for but notice if they aren't addressed.


Increase Home Value With Decorative Landscaping PlantersHome buyers these days don't want popcorn on their ceiling but they won't list this in their list of wants and needs. They want a flat yard but they won't say this. They say they want a yard and or a nice yard but they really desire a flat landscaped yard. They also want clean floors and they will get these when you have installed properly stained and protected concrete surfaces throughout your house.


In this post-bubble era consider taking this opportunity to reinvest into the details of your home and support its value by upgrading the things you can do yourself for little money. Gone are the times when major upgrades provide 150 percent returns now it is the details that make a house a home. These same details build lasting beauty and durability and they will provide the fuel necessary to support home value.