Have you started planning for the rest of your life yet? Your health is the one thing that will stay with you for your entire life no matter where you go or what you do. It also contributes immensely to the quality of life you experience. If there is one area of your health that should be addressed early on it is should be your diet and how it contributes to insulin resistance. If your diet is poor and your activity levels are poor insulin resistance begins trending higher. The more resistance your body experiences the poorer your health gets and the lower your quality of life will be as you get older. If however you take steps now to improve insulin resistance by maintaining a healthy diet and increased activity levels your quality of life will be far better as you get older.

You can improve insulin resistance in a number of ways but the most effective means of doing so requires you to get off the couch and get active. Sedentary lifestyles account for the majority of insulin resistance cases as low activity levels encourage fatigue, boredom eating, and weight gain. All of these incidentally contribute to worsening degrees of insulin resistance. It's a self-perpetuating cycle of degenerative decline ultimately leading to health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and early death.

You should absolutely take action sooner rather than later in regards to improving insulin resistance and break the cycle of perpetual decline. Physical activity is the best way to improve insulin resistance; weight training and vigorous exercise in particular are the most effective. If you take actions to stem your overeating and replace it with exercising you can safely begin the process of healing and you can improve insulin resistance.

This is very important because insulin resistance basically means your body takes longer and requires more insulin to metabolize glucose from your blood stream. When your blood glucose levels remain high you get tired and lethargic. The very presence of insulin resistance basically feeds sloth so the very beginning of the process to reverse insulin resistance is the hardest. You are tired because of high glucose levels yet you have to exercise to improve insulin sensitivity. If you can get over the initial hump of making healthy changes then you should be able to stay the course and improve insulin resistance when all is said and done.

Healthy levels of insulin sensitivity are indicative of a well balanced and healthy body. If you can reverse insulin resistance or stem it from ever occurring then you will be far more likely to be in better health as you get older. Good health in you golden years is a great goal to have as your quality of life will be so much better. If you improve insulin in your life you can also assume that you are benefiting other areas of your life as well including your arteries and heart. These other areas also improve your long-term quality of life so go get active and do yourself a favor.