Improving Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin sensitivity refers to the body's ability to respond to insulin levels in the blood stream. In every person when you eat food your blood sugar levels begin to increase. In response to the reaction the pancreas produces insulin which is used by the body top metabolize blood sugar and remove in from the blood.

In healthy people it doesn't take much insulin to do the job correctly nor does it take long for the body to work. In cases like this insulin sensitivity is high which is very desirable. Conversely in less than healthy people insulin sensitivity is low and as a result it takes more insulin to do the job or more time for the insulin to lower blood sugar levels.

Insulin Sensitivity

If you happen to be a person who has low insulin sensitivity you would probably want to take action to improve your sensitivity levels. People who are insensitive to insulin are at much higher risk for developing type-2 diabetes as insulin resistance gets worse. If your body resists insulin too you're your pancreas eventually has to create more insulin than it is capable of to effectively lower blood sugar levels. If this happens then blood sugar levels remain elevated for too long which can cause further health problems.

People who have low sensitivity to insulin typically have to inject it into their bodies because they are not capable of producing enough to metabolize glucose or blood sugar. Injections are constant struggle for diabetic patients because the treatment can get very expensive. Not only must these diabetic patients regularly purchase medication in the form of insulin but they have to maintain adequate related equipment including pumps and supplies. Rigorous schedules must also be kept to keep insulin levels in balance in the body and to keep blood sugar levels in a safe range.

Obviously this is not desirable and is unhealthy. You want your body to be able to regulate itself and to ensure this you need to discourage insulin resistance by building up improved insulin sensitivity. You want your body to respond to normal levels of insulin produced by your pancreas so that you can go about your life with less worry and fewer health problems such as clogged arteries and other related conditions.

You might find that reversing insulin resistance is not possible once it gets bad enough but if you have early warning signs for it then you can take early action to improve sensitivity and decrease your risks for developing diabetes.

Reverse Insulin Resistance

Take action now to reverse insulin resistance by improving your diet, limiting arterial plaque, and increasing your activity levels.Sensitivity can be greatly improved by limiting refined carbohydrates and excess calories from your diet especially when this is combined with exercise and weight loss. You may even wish to look at the merits of following a cancer treatment diet as it may help with blood sugar control as well.

Insulin sensitivity is obviously improved when blood sugar levels remain level throughout the day. Try your best to always stay within a normal blood sugar range. This means smaller meals more frequently are easier on your system. As insulin is produced it is used making excess production a non-factor. Body weight and muscle mass plays a large role in regulating insulin sensitivity so make sure to add some weight training to your daily routine and you should be able to minimize your risks for poor insulin sensitivity and diabetes.