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Volunteering in the community is the best way to fix problems which exist, and take measures to prevent future problems. By doing this, you can expound upon your interpersonal skills to ensure that the world is becoming a better place than you found it one step at a time.


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It is not well known that the biggest problem faced by many people in poorer areas is homelessness. Once someone loses a job, it is very difficult to get back on their feet. When they interview for a job, they will have no maintained home address to use on the forms, which makes people suspicious and less inclined to hire. No matter the level of interpersonal skills the applicant might have, it is difficult to explain that you are homeless, yet a reliable applicant. Without getting a new job, it can be impossible for pay for a new mortgage or for rent. It is a vicious circle.

House BuildingCredit: It is not well known that the biggest problem faced by many people in poorer areas is homelessness.

However, using interpersonal skills to help community members means you will get to know people by talking with them regularly and volunteering in housing programs can help these people receive mail, apply for and get new jobs, and then eventually work their way to a new home.


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If people cannot afford a home, they might still have money for food. The money they can earn might not be sufficient for a home because they cannot get hired for a stable job, but food comes first. Using interpersonal skills can help you volunteer in the community through food kitchens. However, that might not be enough. In that case, it is possible for people with great interpersonal skills to initiate community programs such as a community garden. With everyone contributing to the start and maintenance of the community garden, they can all reap major benefits later on, as they become self sustaining and sufficient in terms of food. The less money spent on food, the more can be put toward rent and other personal needs.


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Creating a community garden with interpersonal skills can eventually lead to larger projects. For instance, one can create paying jobs for the homeless who are lacking in jobs and homes by hiring people to help tend to the garden, then sell some of the produce at a local farmer’s market. Another manner in which jobs can be created by volunteering in the community and using interpersonal skills is by opening a non-profit in the area, or a bakery, for instance, and hiring local help to bake the goods which can be also be sold at a local farmer’s market.


There are many great benefits to be had by volunteering in the community. By using interpersonal skills people can conduct interviews and discussions and thereby develop an understanding of the biggest problems. Once they know the biggest problems facing that community they can address them one at a time through volunteer projects in the community around them. They can create jobs, help with housing, and provide jobs.